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JMS ‘One Night Only’ Concert for a Cause Wowed the Crowd!

By J. Nava Cruz
Riyadh-Saudi Arabia
August 3, 2016


For singers and performers like Jon Martin Sumpay (JMS), to dream, plan and come-up with a “solo major concert’ or, “solo-stage-act”, at first, is totally a sheer chutzpah. But, and it is a BIG ‘but’, it would be an absolutely different beautiful story when one finally succeeded to wow the crowd.

And this what had totally happened during the ‘One Night Only’ solo concert of JMS  with his Session Band and invited performers held last Friday at Kingdom Hospital Quadrangle under WOW TV Productions and hosted by Henry Endradora of Henry E! and Eugenio Corbita, Jr. of ‘Wacky Wednesday’ and under the concert direction of Marc Marlon Villaflor and Marl Ruiz Encinada.

‘One Night Only Concert’ started to stun and wow the crowd when Jon Martin walked down the production stage and belted ‘This is the Night’ ballyhooed by Kurt Calleja with his official backup dancer, the Dance Connexion.  Included in his concert repertoire was his rendition of ‘One Night Only’ popularized by Jennifer Hudson to the applause of the crowd. Likewise, JMS’ guest performers enamored the sentiments and emotions of the audience with their selection and diversity of songs.

According to Jon Martin during his recent exchange of notes with this writer/author, “Proceeds of this concert will be given to ‘distressed’ Overseas Filipino workers here in the Kingdom. We will, for sure, account the financial proceeds and announce via WOW TV the receiving beneficiaries.” Last year, Jon Martin and his Session Band had piloted as well a fund raising project to financially and morally help Lola Peryang — a truly pedal power move by a number of OFWs like Jon and his group to move forward the greatness of ‘social volunteerism’ to help others who are truly in dire need of help.

Supporting Jon Martin during his first solo ‘One Night Only Concert’ includes his WOW TV family comprising of Henry Guia, WOW TV Chairman; Direk Henry Endradora, Direk Marc Marlon Villaflor, Direk Marl Ruiz Encinada, Direk Ian Aparente, Direk Ruben Dampil, Direk Eugenio Corbita Jr., WOW TV Staff namely: Sam Cholin Cubalit, Mohammed Nor Amerol Macatanong; Makeup Artist ‘Ayos Artista’ by Alamat Esconde, Ronald Valiao Fernando and Lovable Bongga; Fashion Designer/Artist Jhune Mangahas;  Official Photographers Jun Muga, Jimmy Dayrit, Armand Vytingco and Peter John Tan of FOCUS and Benjie De Francia, Razel Cruz, Jeffrey Guzman, Kristine Perlada, Michael Olvido and Andrew Armiler of Shutters Guild and his invited fellow artist and performers comprising of The Diva on Fire Princess Nadia Tan Abidin and Pop Princess Angel Baguio, Special Guest Perfomers: Regor Dimson, Paul John Castro, Colind Ernacio, Ranna Moreen Millare, Maerifiel Holgado, Christian Siaotong, Nate Cea, Nilan Lozada, Dance Connexion, Coco Rodel Estrellan, Jonas Leo Presas, Jaycar Basco, Session Band members comprising Amor Karlo Ramos, Samson Ybañez, Arvind John Lopez, Raul Dela Rosa. Major and minor sponsors include: Philippine Airlines, Lulu Hypermarket, Virgin Mobile, Moneygram, Fawri, HMG Pro Sounds & Lights, Intercontinental Hotel, Flash Cargo, Foto ni Dora, Al-Marai, Aya Felix AF Studio, Angel Amoure Noor, Edmark, Milagrosa, Jan Marini by JhuneMangahas, Wadge Shots, Fox&Bunny. Other supporters include: J&J Events, Mensahero and 90.5 Heart FM Online Radio Station “Team Puyaters”. The official marshals during the event were AKRHO-KSA Central Council and Guardians. ‘One Night Only Concert’ is in cooperation with FILSAVE.

(J. Nava Cruz, an OFW, is a freelance writer/documentarist and a published book author in the Philippines. This September, his first suspense-thriller novel:  See Me @ :06 AM is up for publication in Manila) )

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