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Readying the morning coffee for our beloved

By Willie Jose
February 7, 2018


Posted on the wall of my mini library at home is an old 3- by- 5- inch poster that says “ love is…. having her coffee ready.”

Through these years, this poster has been my constant reminder in preparing my wife’s coffee every morning—and I’ve been doing this morning ritual for more than 40 years of our marriage.

Why should we be doing this little routine for our beloved?

It’s not the brewing hot coffee that matters, the simple gesture of readying their coffee even before they could rise up from bed will certainly make their day.

And we don’t have to do any earth-shaking things to make our beloved happy.

Having their coffee ready is one way of showing our love and care for them, a way of reassuring them that come what may, we’ll always be with them in facing life’s adversities; that come hell or high water, we’ll always be together.

While sipping my coffee with my wife, we’d start chatting, discussing whatever plans we have for that day—and sometimes out of the blue, she would say something that could lead me to utter” Oh, that is a good idea, maybe I could expand that into an article.”

Honestly, some of the ideas I ‘ve written in my articles were offshoots of our daily morning chats over cups of coffee.

Just like the rest of the Canadians, my wife and I love to drink coffee —and that’s why every time we have a chance to go shopping, dropping by at any of these coffee shops-- Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, Timothy’s and MacDonald’s—is part of our routine.

Well, why not start readying your beloved’s coffee today not because it’s winter but most importantly-- it’s an expression of love.

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