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Visayan Association in NSW Australia does a trifecta, well almost

By Richard J Ford – PRO-VAA Inc.
October 12, 2016


The 28th Fiesta Kultura was held at the Fairfield Showground on the 3rd October, 2016, an exciting event for all Filipino and Filipino-Australians.  The event which is held every year by the Philippine Australian Sports and Culture Inc. or PASC was led by the newly-elected President Atty, Lolita Farmer OAM.

This year the programme was very impressive and the array of local talent was nothing short of awesome. As a deviation from previous years, PASC decided to include more local than overseas talent. Although the expected guest Frenchie Dy was a no show, it was good to hear and glimpsed more of our own talented singers and dancers on stage.

The Fiesta Kultura catered not only a variety of performances being held on the Main Stage Area, but there were also plenty of rides and fun games for the children in the Sports ground, plus for the serious adults, the Car Show. But interestingly, there was the gastronomic highlight showcasing the Filipino Cuisine which made anyone wanting to savour the taste after quietly whiffing the aromatic smell of one of Pinoy’s best barbecue on offer.

The results for the event were indeed a surprise to many; here are the results:
Categories were won by:
Miss Popularity – Yasmin Johnstone (7)
Miss Friendship – Samantha Intemann (2)
Miss Best in Filipiniana – Dual winners Michelle Trini Ryan (8) and Angela Leonidas (3)
Best in Evening Gown – Angela Leonidas (3)
Best in Swimwear – Jayde Crystal Wright (1)
Miss Photogenic – Jayde Crystal Wright (1)
Coveted Titles were won by:
Miss Charity Princess-Australia 2016 – Chantelle Torres (6)
Miss Charity Queen-Australia 2016 – Jayde Crystal Wright (1)
Miss Philippines-Australia 2016 Runner-up – Adriana Gravador (5)
Miss Philippines-Australia 2016 – Angela Leonidas (3)

As I quoted earlier, there are winners and losers but it certainly was a nail-biting and tense night for all the family and supporters of the candidates, and as the saying goes, “There can only be one winner” but in this case were two.  But for the Visayan Association they are all winners even when our candidate came close to winning the crown, a trifecta would have been the result. Congratulations all round for another splendid Fiesta Kultura and so, see you all again till next year. Salamat, Paalam Na.

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