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Magical night as Mherzy celebrates her 60th birthday ala Moulin Rouge!!!


By Angel Axinto
Spijkenisse- The Netherlands
October 9, 2016


At 60, all her dreams came true. The founder and president of the non-profit organization Stichting Kapitbahayan, Mherzy van der Steen - Gemarino just celebrated her 60th birthday  at the Wijkcentrum Noord in Spijkenisse last September 24, 2016.  Living in the Netherlands for the past 30 years, her dreams are coming true. Yet she still has her childhood fantasy fairy tale dream that has not came true, at least not yet.  So she decided to make it come true on her 60th birthday celebration.

With Moulin Rouge as the theme of the evening, some of her lady guests arrived in their lovely corsets! The hall was filled with beautifully dressed ladies and neatly attired men.

To make a very dramatic entrance for the celebrant, ‘glow-in-the-dark’ sticks were given to everyone. The lights were turned off as the lovely celebrant, now beautifully dressed in her white three layered long gown, walked into the hall as all the guests were lined up in their barely lit sticks. As the crowd cheered and sang a birthday song, lovely princess like Mherzy slowly walked towards her well decorated ‘princess chair’. This is her moment! Her childhood dream of being a princess is now coming true. And all her loved ones and friends were there to witness it all.  

She spoke of being so happy to celebrate her 60th birthday. She thank God for all the blessings that she has received. Yet she was a bit emotional when she spoke of her brothers who left this world at a very young age. Her advice is to enjoy life to the most and to celebrate your birthdays no matter how simple, coz every year is God’s blessings.

The night was filled with singing, and dancing and laughter. The Marys’s Joy Choir sang ‘That’s What Friends Are For” as well,  there was Zumba, Material Girl dance number and the greatest performance was when the Moulin Rouge dancers, headed by Mherzy herself, showed off their own rendition of Moulin Rouge. The crowd went wild! They gave it their all.    

And just when we were about to wrap up the surprises and start the non-stop disco dancing, the birthday celebrant showed up with the biggest surprise of the evening.  She came out wearing a grand red Moulin Rouge attire with an elaborately decorated huge beautiful red headgear and her bellowing red feathered boa that she gracefully left hanging from her shoulder down her arms.  She looks so fantastically beautiful!  Everyone was flabbergasted! Thunderous applause and cheers and whistling filled the hall! My oh my, she was a true dreamer. She really saved her best for last.

“When you wish upon a star, make no difference where you are, when you wish upon a star your dreams come true” - that’s how the song goes.  And that is exactly what our birthday celebrant  Mherzy Van der Steen - Gemarino  did on her 60th birthday celebration. She really made her dreams come true. The night was indeed MAGICAL!

Photos courtesy of:  Mherzy van der Steen-Gemarino, Jecay Cultura Ligan, Simarc Sinajon, Anna Kenya Bracamonte, Rosa Cabrillas and Hans-Monette van der Broek.

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