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By Dr. Celia Lamkin
Founder and Global Chairperson, NYMWPS
July 13, 2016


The position statement says:

WE, the National Youth Movement For the West Philippine Sea, uphold the territorial integrity of the Republic of the Philippines, commend the United Nations Permanent Court of Arbitration for its favorable decision to the Philippines’ claims on its West Philippine Sea against China. Wherefore, we, the National Youth Movement for the West Philippine Sea , do hereby urge China to abide in the decision of the United National Arbitral Tribunal ( UNAT).

Wherefore, WE, the National Youth Movement for the West Philippine Sea, urge President Rodrigo Duterte to honor the decision of the UNAT and defend and develop our country’s interests in the West Philippines Sea - Kalayaan Islands Group and Scarborough Shoal, for national progress and integrity , and especially for the future of the Philippines and the welfare of the Filipino people and the future generations.

Wherefore, WE also urge the Duterte administration to continue the multilateral strategy to ensure that adequate pressure is brought on China to constrain it from taking more aggressive and irresponsible actions in the future which will not only be to the detriment of the Philippines but to international peace and stability.

Lastly, WE beseech the Duterte administration to mobilize the national will to unite the Filipino people together with the government to face China’s imperialistic ambitions so that a more effective effort may be made to establish a strong and powerful response to future Chinese acts of aggression.



Dr. Celia Lamkin, NYMWPS Founder and Global chairperson

Engr. Nick Macasaet , NYMWPS Deputy Global Chair, and NYMWPS Las Vegas chair 
Atty. Ted Laguatan, NYMWPS Legal Counsel, Legal Counsel/Spokesperson of US Pinoys for Good Governance


Sir Gerald Miranda, National Chair PHIL
Norman Silvestre, Global Secretariat
Kerr Nell DeLiva, Asst. Global Secretariat and Spokesperson
Zyrille Mendoza, National Vice Chair PHIL
Mikhail Aggabao  , National Vice Chair
Jozy Nisperos, NYMWPS NCR chapter chair and Global Membership chair
Ferth Manaysay, Deputy NCR chair and Internal Affairs chair
Gervie Kay Estella, Global Media and Public Relations Officer
Director Antonio Y. Reyes, NYMWPS Quezon City chapter Chair and Global Head, Documentary and Filming 
Ms. Diana Soto Dayao, Manila chapter chair and Assistant Global Head, Documentary and Filming
Frederick Butic, NYMWPS Luzon chapter chair and Media and Public Relations, PHILIPPINES
Engr. Reniel Rocaberte, NYMWPS Palawan and Visayas chapters chair
Honorable Cong. Felicito Payumo, NYMWPS Bataan and Western Luzon chapters Honorary chair
Ms. Trixia Sosa, NYMWPS NCR chapter member
Ms. Jozy Nisperos, NYMWPS NCR chapter chair


Mher Alfonso, Regional Chair, NYMWPS EUROPE
Cris Buenaflor, President, NYMWPS EUROPE and Asst Head, Global Multimedia
Juan Miguel Cordova Logrono, NYMWPS Malta chair and Global Multimedia Head
Joseph Reid, NYMWPS IRELAND chair
Filiomenita Hoelsghom, NYMWPS DENMARK Chair
Rosalinda Detros, NYMWPS The Netherlands Chair

Atty. Amelia Alado, NYMWPS United Kingdom Regional Chair and Asst. Global Legal Adviser


Pastor Georgette Beltran, co-Regional Chair USA
Dr. Stancordero Ada, co-Regional Chair USA and Los Angeles, California chapter chair

Ilalo Parayno, NYMWPS Hawaii chair, Legislative Affairs Chair and Liaison officer for the U.S. Pacific Command based in Honolulu Hawaii

Dr. Greg Mariano, Associate Member, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. Renato Pizarro, Associate Member, Portland, Oregon, USA

Ms. Landilen Fuifui, NYMWPS American Samoa chapter chair
Ms. Reynafe Aniga, NYMWPS Marianas CNMI chapter President

Maria Poe, co- Regional Chair, NYMWPS Canada
Don Ibarra de Gracia, co-Regional Chair, NYMWPS Canada

Atty. Lolita Farmer, Regional Chair, Australia and New Zealand

Charito del Carmen, Regional chair, NYMWPS ASIA and Japan chapters

Engr. Fidel Escurel, Regional chair, NYMWPS Middle East and Africa

Ms. Evangelina Y. Ybo, NYMWPS Jordan chapter chair
Dr. Aahron Dinauanao, NYMWPS Ethiopia, AFRICA, chapter chair
Mr. Geoffrey Olayan, NYMWPS Israel Chapter Chair
Mr Jose Luis Reyes, NYMWPS Syria chapter Chair
Dr. Roel Palo Anicas, NYMWPS Kingdom of Saudi Arabia chapter chair and Education and Research Chair Global
Mr. Jesus Tajada, NYMWPS Bahrain Country Chair

Atty. Ted Laguatan, NYMWPS Legal Counsel, San Francisco, CA, USA
Atty. Amelia Alado, Asst. Global Legal Adviser , London, UK
Prof. Jose Antonio Custodio, Military Historian and Defense Consultant, Manila, Philippines
Honorable  Eugenio Bitoon-on, Former  Mayor Kalayaan Municipality, Palawan, Philippines
Monsignor Jerry Bitoon, Laguna, Philippines
Engr. Nick Macasaet, Entrepreneurship and Land Development adviser

 Let us show the Filipino unity, solidarity and patriotism.

The Victory of our West Philippine Sea is the victory of every Filipino," concluded Lamkin.

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    Max Encomienda
    Sydney Australia
    Thu 14th July 2016

    I would like to share a prophetic message from DENG XIAO PING the man who made modern China for the Chinese people and the world. If one day China should change her color and turn into a superpower if she too should play the tyrant in the world and everywhere subject others to her bullying aggression and exploitation the people of the world should identify her as social imperialism expose it oppose it and work together with the Chinese people to overthrow it.
    Deng Xiaoping speech at the United Nations April 10 1974.

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