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KC #2113 Past Faithful Navigator and Appreciation Night St. Aidan Church, Scarborough

By Jojo Taduran
July 5, 2016


KC # 2113 Assembly celebrated their Past Faithful Navigators  and Appreciation night at St. Aidan Catholic Church. Main Honoree was SK Jose A, Reyes, PGK, FDD and Immediate Past Faithful Navigator. Awards were presented by Faithful Navigator SK Robert Bentley, PGK, FDD and FN, together with Corp Commander SK Rudy Montaniel, PGK, FDD and PFN.

Awardee SK Jose Reyes, Faithful Master SK Joe Mathew and Sir Knight Honor Guards

Presenters and KC #2113 Officers and Commanders:
Left Photo shows : Presenters SK Robert Bentley, PGK, FDD, FN, SK Rudy Montaniel, PGK, FDD, PFN,  SK Jose A. Reyes, PGK, FDD, FN and DD SK Rod Sanchez
Right Photo, standing : SK Peter Hospedales, SK Rod Sanchez, SK Noel Sinlao, SK Alfred Couttes, SK George R. Poblete, SK Rudy Montaniel, SK Randy Galuzzi, Fr. Joseph Sultana, F. Master SK Joe Mathew, SK Jose Reyes, SK Dennis Marcelino, SK Darry Marcelino, FN SK Robert Bentley, and SK Ed Prillo
Right Photo, kneeling :SK Benny Menezes, SK Vince Tuzzi, SK Joe Mathurin,
 SK Vincent Noronha, SK Neville, Gjasmin

KC # 2113 Drill Team winner, 2nd Ontario District competition:
Photo shows Awardees: SK Dennis Marcelino. SK Joe Mathurin, SK Jose A. Reyes, SK Robert Bentley, SK Neville Gjasmin, SK Rod Sanchez, SK Ben Menezes, SK Noel Sinlao

Other KC # 2113 Assembly Awardees:
Left Photo shows : Presenters SK Robert Bentley, PGK, FDD, FN, SK Rudy Montaniel, PGK, FDD, PFN,  SK Ed Prillo,PGK, FDD and Awardee SK George R. Poblete,(at left)  PGK, FDD, PFN, KC*HS
Right Photo, standing : Lady Menezes, Lady Cecille Montaniel, Lady Mater Reyes,
 SK Jose A. Reyes, PGK, FDD, PFN, Lady Raisa Sanchez, Lady Linda Marcelino,
 Lady Rose Ylagan, Lady Tess Sinlao, SK Robert Bentley, PGK, FDD, FN.
Photo shows Awardees: SK Dennis Marcelino. SK Joe Mathurin, SK Jose A. Reyes,SK Robert Bentley, SK Neville Gjasmin, SK Rod Sanchez, SK Ben Menezes, SK Noel Sinlao

K of C Assembly of Infant of Jesus #2692 at the Navigator’s Ball

By Jojo Taduran
Scarborough-ON Canada
July 5, 2016

Among those who attended were (standing, L-R) Sir Knight (SK) Ace Alvarez, Faithful Comptroller;  SK Deacon Bob Rosales,  Three-year Trustee and Immediate Past Faithful Navigator;  SK Ramon Letrondo; SK Karlo Vero Petines. Seated are SK Emil Zarris (left); and SK Gerry Derramas, One-Year Trustee. Other officers who came, but are not in photo, were SK Renato Galvez, Faithful Purser; and SK Ed Deang, Inside Sentinel. (K of C Assembly of Infant Jesus # 2692 PR)

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