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By Dolly Magbitang
August 10, 2014


The August 2-2014 Grand Reunion of The Berghaus Girls was held this week-end in Winnipeg: a Saturday dinner and dance at the Canada Inn, Polo Park,  followed by a Sunday picnic at Kildonan Park.

This Grand reunion was, by far, the most well-attended of all The Berghaus Girls’ gatherings- with a total of 340 attendees, compared to the last one held in Toronto in 2011 – with about 150 guests.

Father Geoffrey Angeles, son of Perlita Sawit Angeles, Kwartellaan  l, led the Grace Before Meal

Auring Valdez Pizett of Kruitberg Group did a very good job of introducing the 12 Groups adding some highlights of each groups’ recent accomplishments.

Espie Oliveros Ramos, Social Worker of the Wehl Group 3, gave a brief introduction to the speaker of the evening, Alice Edano, Social Worker of the Valkenhof Group.

It was truly a big success. The Berghaus Girls were still on the dance floor until 1:00 a.m. The attendees strongly suggested that this Grand Re-union should have an “encore” - as early as next year” - 2015.

The Berghaus Girls came from as far as The Netherlands, USA, Toronto ,Vancouver and  Alberta.

It was truly a dinner and dance to remember.  As the late Maya Angelou, African-American author, poet, dancer, actress and singer said: “ people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

That was the goal of the organizers of the party, particularly those who gave not only their time in attending their regular meetings,, but their efforts in making the important and necessary “ follow-ups”, and their monetary contributions.

 Ely San Juan Celones made the hotel arrangements and hiring of the music band, and Remy Herminiano Robelo provided a security officer, banner printed from back home, printing of the tickets and letters of invitations that were sent to the invitees outside Winnipeg. Both Ely and Remy are from Kwartellaan 2.

While representatives from different groups met regularly to ensure the success of the party, without good music, and an appropriate venue in one of the best areas of Winnipeg, it can hardly be called a “party”.

The cost for the music band was provided by:-Ely San Juan Celones, Remy Herminiano Robelo, Lydia Cachuela Angala, Wilma Baldo Caseria,  Frances Lagman Cantelejo, Flora Niegos De la Pena, Amy Pasion Espiritu (Toronto), Brenda Marquez Felipe, Cynthia Marquez Manluco (San Francisco Calif) ,  Rose Ramirez Khan, Sonia Leyda Leung,  Cristy Villegas Pakingan, Myrna Antonio Rimocal, Mila Lacap Santos, Delia Cuison Simon, Elena Soliman, Lydia Buenaventura Tanner, Ester Tenorio, all from Kwartellaan 2 Group, Winnpeg;  Veth Melegrito Ocsena and Fe Borillo, Kwartellaan 2 of Vancouver.

The wrist bands were provided by Ms. Espie oliveros Ramos’ group, Wehl 3 (to ensure that only those with tickets will be allowed in to the dinner and dance.

The  Sunday picnic  that followed the dinner and dance was held at Kildonan Park  The use of Kildonan Park was arranged by-Elena Moises of Kruitberg Group, and her Dutch friend Henny de Leuw.

Each group was assigned to bring a dish : Wehl Group 3, and another Group--  brought each a whole “lechon”  (total of 2 roast suckling pig); Kwartellaan 2 Group brought 2 big pots of dinuguan ( pork blood stew), a tray of chopped “lechon” or roast suckling pig, and a tray of ”sisig”, ( a famous “pulutan” or appetizer that originated from Pampanga Philippines made of chopped pig’s ear, pork belly, chicken liver, onions, vinegar, soy sauce; chili); 

The other groups contributed trays of pinakbet,( Filipino dish from the northern regions of the Philippines. made from mixed vegetables steamed in fish or shrimp sauce)  chopsuey,(a Chinese dish with mixed vegeteables, chicken and chicken liver) fried chicken, caldereta( chicken, beef or pork stew with potatoes, tomatoes and carrots), and pansit(rice noodles). LEKKER (yummy)

The weather co-operated with the Berghaus Girls – it was mainly sunny for the most part of the day.

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