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By Ying(Puring) Barcelo-de la Rosa (Group Kwartellaan 2)
Sun 18th September 2011

Photos courtesy of: Dolly Magbitang and Alice Edano Groups
The Berghaus Girls Grand Re-union (Groups (from 1966-1976) was held at Toronto Airport Hotel, Toronto Canada on August 20,2011,
(at the party - August 20, 2011)
Seated:L-R: Gloria Rivera-Mandigma, ???, Cely Balmeliro-Manalo, Linda Baguistan- Cleofas, Eve Standing L-R:Dan Mandigma(husband ni Glo), Puring Santiago, Crisanta Binuya, Edith Quileza, Victoria Acosta-Tan, Femy Balingit, Wilma Tolentino-Angeles, Trining Ferer-Veruela, Imelda and Ging Esguerra.

The attendees came from as far as The Netherlands, California, Florida,  and Chicago USA, Vancouver British Columbia, Calgary Alberta and Winnipeg Manitoba– to the delight of those who are residing in the Greater Toronto Area, and Ajax Ontario.
Kwartellaan 2 Group(Social Worker- Dolly I. Magbitang)
Seated L-R: Tessie Manabat, Ester Tenorio, Ying Barcelo-De la Rosa,
Back-L- R:2nd-Cynthia Marquez,4th-Mila Lacap Santos, 5th-Brenda Marquez Felipe,6th- Remy Herminiano-Robelo,8th - Amy Pasion-Espiritu,11th- Ophie Padua Gabriel (the rest are from Valkenhof Group

Group Valkenhof(Social Worker-Alice Edano):

Trining Ferer- Veruela, Naty Fernandez,Cristy Binuya, Eve Perez,Vicky Acosta-Tan, Imelda,(they cannot remember her last name) Puring Santiago
Standing from R to L: Edith Quileza-Pano,Cely Balmilero-Manalo,Femy Malonzo-Balingit,Linda Baguistan-Cleofas,Wilma Tolentino(divorced and prefers to use her own last name),Lolit Tabios,Gloria Rivera-Mandigma,Alegria Esguerra(single)

Majority of the girls arrived on August 19th, mid-day, and quite a few small groups took advantage of their free time to see downtown Toronto, in particular, Chinatown,( a fav destination of the Berghaus Girls whenever they are in Toronto- for authentic Chinese food, atis, lanzones, mangosteen etc.)  CN Tower etc.
Taken at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine, Lewiston New York
Ate Linda, yours truly, Linda, Femy roomate, Trining Ferer, Glo, ate Cely, Edna and ate Edith

Registration for the Saturday party started at 2:p.m., Dinner and dance was held at the same hotel where majority of the attendees were staying.  
Standing from R-L:Ying , si tatang Delfin(asawa ni inang Vicky) Linda Baguistan-Cleofas, Wilma T. Edna(the ampon), Trining, si honey ko.
Seated L-R: Inang Vicky, Glo, Dan, and ate Edith..

Bijlmermeer 2 Group(Social worker- Perla Javate)
L to R:Imelda, Curie Sawit- Arts, Amy Rebillaco-Santos

The attendees were given boarding passes indicating their table and seat numbers, an attempt to spread out the ladies from the same group to give them a chance to ““get to know those who came from different groups -(chica-chica)_.  There were at least 18  from the Valkenhof Group, 10 from the Kwartellaan 2 Group, 8 from Bijlmermeer Group. There must have been a total of at least 150 attendees, including their guests.
Lunch at Gloria's house
Standing from right: Crising Binuya, Curie Sawit- Arts( 3rd Wehl Group, Trining Ferer-Viruela, Edna Ignacio, Gloria Rivera-Mandigma, Linda Baguistan-Cleofas, Victoria Acosta-Tan and Femy
Nakaupo: Amy Rebillaco-Santos(from 3rd Wehl group), Lucy(from 2nd Biljmermeer Amsterdam Group) Cely Balmilero-Manalo(nakakapit sa akin) Edith Quileza. Except for Curie,Edna,Amy and Lucy- Valkenhof group.

The opening ceremony  began at 6:00 p.m. with the national anthem of the Philippines, Canada and Wilhelmus Van Nassouwe of  Holland.
It was quite emotional for everybody even if majority of them are not, or, are no longer familiar with the lyrics. Mrs. Miriam Catalan –Bray, the Social Worker of the 1st Gendringen Group 1966-1972, and The Kruitberg Group, gave the opening remarks, Grace before meal  by Fely Canlas-Mendoza ,. followed by the sumptuous buffet. 
Opening remarks by  Miriam Catalan, social worker of the 1st Gendringen group 1966-1972 and the Kruitberg group

1st Bijlmermeer Group (Social worker- late Dading Belarmino )
L to R: Andy Salmingo,Loida, Ruby, Rebecca, Lucy,(could not remember the name of the last one)
Standing from R to L: Precy, Auring

There were slide shows from different goups entitled “those were the days my friend.” Cynthia Galang-Barber, the coordinator of the event, from the 1st Gendringen Group, gave a brief remark followed by the much awaited dancing to the music from the ‘60s and the 70s.`` Fotomaken were everywhere, cameras flashing from all sides of the party room, highlighted by a group picture.
Dolly Magbitang with Mila from Winnipeg

The ladies from Ulft presented a goup line dancing. There were also a lot of singing and short skits. A” pretend” Queen of Holland walked around waving her hand like the Koningin. It was a fun-filled night. Attendees and their guests  danced all night; and some door prizes were awarded.
The following day was an all day trip to Niagara Falls. The rest of the group crossed the Canada-US  boarder for shopping, Casino, and a visit to the famous Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima at Lewiston New York.

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Irma Galias
Thu 27th October 2011
The Netherlands
Lovely photos! Jammer, I missed the Grand Reunion but saw the CD Photos compiled by Olivia. Recognized a lot of the girls from different groups.Felt nostalgic reminiscing the good old days.
edith quileza-nato
Fri 21st October 2011
winnipeg,manitoba canada
Having joined the grand reunion is priceless!I'm sure you will all agree,won't you gals?.....those were the days! the good old days we had together.to those who were not able to be with us that nite, you missed the fun , the tears ,the laughter , the camaraderie we shared those moments . it feels that we really never parted after 35-40 years !thanks to all who put their big effort in organizing. we can't thank you enough. we felt we were young again...we forgot we have aches and pains i.e. arthritis and the like......and we did not think we are on top of the hill and soon we will be gone......we will surely treasure those times......the dance floor was full.nobody wants to stop dancing...the bonding was great ...there will always be a next time but it won't be the same!I wish then I will still be able to do the maskipapano style of dancing!tearjerking moments!we loved it. ......edith nato (nee Quileza) tot siens dames and heren.....tara......muahhhhhhh
Sun 18th September 2011
Eddie and Orquid, your kindness and generosity made our life easier when we got there - being away from our families for the first time ( we are very grateful and will cherish those times forever)

It has been 40 years since then, when these Berghaus Girls arrived there (1971-1974, 1972-1975 etc.);they were 16-22 years of age(sa tutuo lang)except for those who returned for their second contracts - look at how fabulous they are now, considering that some of them are now grandmothers.
Sun 18th September 2011
great to see many berghaus "girls" again even only in photos. we remember the time we shared with you, especially with social workers miriam and dolly.... ate orquid
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