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For Whom the Bells Toll
By Jose Sison Luzadas
April 14, 2012

“Looking back at the grim and gruesome moment in our History where more civilians died than the total combatants on both sides.   

Until that day when the Balangiga bells are repatriated to its rightful owners, CELEBRATION can wait.” 

Photo source: Internet
Quality-wise,the condition of the picture is old, dim and blurry but this faded photo cannot escape the bloody accounts of that bloody encounter between the town people and the US Occupation Army. Valeriano Abanador is the man with folded arms. His statue and portrait are seen on top. He was the local town chief of police and the only identified native Filipino posing with the officers and men of the 9th Infantry Regiment of the US Army when the photo was taken. The contingent was part of the US troops sent by General Arthur MacArthur on mapping out operation, pacification and taking Filipino soldiers ready to surrender in accordance with the directive issued by General Aguinaldo immediately after his capture on March 25, 1901 in Palanan, Isabela.
AS IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO, It also takes two to deliver a message, Rizal and his alter ego.
By Jose Sison Luzadas, KGOR Scarborough Chapter,  CANADA
Delray Beach, FL
Mon 26th December 2011

We look at Rizal not just a medical practitioner. He was also a man of letters.  In his NOLI dedication, Rizal is not contented removing the veil to free Filipinos of their ignorance but also wanted those “liberated” must learn to read coupled with the ability to make a critical analysis so as to arrive to rational conclusion.

Using “alter ego” in baseball parlance is assigning a “designated hitter” or “pinch hitting”. Almost at the end of NOLI we see Elias fatally shot while rowing the banca that he and Crisostomo Ibarra used to elude the Civil Guards along the Pasig River.  Anchored in a safer area, Ibarra carried Elias to a wooded place where Elias spent the last breath hovering between life and death.  Rizal in the mouth of Elias said: “I die without seeing the dawn of my country. Those who will see it cherish and adore but don’t forget those who fell in the darkness of the night!” 
“Ako’y mamamatay na hindi makita ang “bukang liwayliway” ng aking bayan. Kayong makakita ibigin at huwag kalimutan ang mga nabuwal sa dilim ng gabi”
MorePaging Dr. Jose Rizal in Barcelona
By Jose Sison Luzadas (Order of the Knights of Rizal –Scarborough-Canada Chapter)

Photo shows somewhere in Barcelona, Spain where this crazy admirer of Dr Jose Rizal THOUGHT that...
MoreA five minute immersion exercise in tracing Filipino names-    You may be an heir to old ruling datus  
By Jose Sison Luzadas  

Family names commonly in use today have their history and evolution. 
Take Zaragoza for example...
MoreDefining moments in the life of 3 Filipinos named: JOSE                  
Jose Sison Luzadas

Jose Rizal using his NOLI character Elias, hovering between life and death, of gun wounds...
MoreThe Gold Rush, Armour foods, Levi Pants and My Darling Clementine
Jose Sison Luzadas

"NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD" certainly not to James W. Marshall who while making inspection one morning,...
Jose Sison Luzadas

What an irony that he cannot escape to have Father Collantes baptizing him neither was he able to...
MoreA Quill of Romance, Revolution and History
Jose Sison Luzadas  

Man’s propensity to make improvements through innovations has been his hallmark. The winds of change continue unchallenged. Many...
Jose Sison Luzadas

BELIEVE ME OR NOT my good guess could be that a pre-Celtic tribe that inhabited the northern part...
MoreRizal’ “Illustrious Spaniard” and awakening Consciousness of the PAST”
Jose Sison Luzadas

“To understand the destiny of the people, it is necessary to open the book of its past” so...

Notes on the Modern Times and the Living Past

Jose Sison Luzadas
Luzadas took journalism course under Prof Armando Malay, one-time Manila Times editor when he was taking undergraduate studies in UP Diliman in 1959 with history as major field. He fisnished his MPA in the same university.

When Luzadas settled in Toronto, CANADA, he earned a Bachelor of Education degree in 1973 at the University of Toronto thru the Government of Ontario grant.

Since the time he moved to Florida in 2000, Luzadas continued from time to time writing short articles primarily to friends and email groups.
Mga Gintong Kwento ni Rene Calalang

IYO’Y gabing kahit ano man ang gawin ni Cipriano ay hindi niya maiwaksi sa kanyang isipan ang sinabi sa kanya ni Isabel. Hindi dahil sa pag-aaral nito kung hindi dahil nangangamba siya na baka mawala sa kanya si Isabel....
Robin Magno

Asosasyon ng mga Pilipinong Mang-aawit (APM) recently successfully staged Bagong Kampeon 2017 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
It was the 3rd season of the singing competition for OFWs (following Season 1 in 2015 and Season 2 in 2016) and featured 17 contenders from Riyadh and the Eastern region....
MoreRCA Productions crowns its new Mr. & Ms. Millennial OFW 2017
Marlon Baris Vicente

RIYADH: In a personality contest produced by RCA Productions aims to find the next Millennial OFW Tourism Ambassadors, Jayson Saguindan,...
MoreThe Inseparable Berghaus Girls of The Netherlands...
Photos by Edna Njio-Mijares

The Inseparable Berghaus Girls of The Netherlands, (bonding for the last 40 years since the Berghaus years of the late...
MoreBabaylan, The Philippine Women’s Network in Europe celebrates her 25th year in Rotterdam-The Netherlands
Adora M. Fischer

(October 19-22, 2017-Rotterdam): Like all other organizations which have been working towards their goals for more than two decades now,...
Becky S. Torres

For posterity and continuity, it is  an enriching and nostalgic visit to introduce our children to their ilokano roots, appreciating...
MorePISTAHAN (Festivities) - 42nd Concert of Traditional Philippine Dances and Music is on December 1 and 2, 2017 at the Educational Cultural Complex Theater
Dina B. Ellorin

The SAMAHAN Filipino American Performing Arts and Education Center, Inc. presents PISTAHAN (Festivities) - 42nd Concert of Traditional Philippine Dances...

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