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Dear Jose
Anna Cristina B. de la Paz, AB European Studies
November 22, 2009

When we relate to other people, it is but natural to adapt different versions of yourself. One cannot openly say “ P*tang Ina” in front of one’s mother, or it would be quite unnatural to greet a peer by making “mano po”. With the collection of letters that Rizal exchanged, different aspects of his personality come out. Rizal kept all the letters that he received because “through them he wanted to study the character, temperament, transformation, and intellectual tendencies of his friends and countrymen” (Viola 324). So we do the same now to him.

In a letter, addressed to Trinidad Rizal, Rizal fits into the role of “Kuya”. He tells of his adventures in Germany and his impression of German women who are not afraid of men and are more concerned with substance than with appearances. So like any kuya, he encourages Trining to form the habit of studying, so as to adorn herself with substance. He ends the letter asking her to write him back in Spanish.

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    This special column provides a place for Filipino students around the world to express themselves through articles, essays and other literary forms. No restrictions are imposed on the types of subject matters as long as derogatory remarks are avoided.
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