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Bobi Rodero

Thu 23rd September 2010

The aftermath of Filipino weddings, big or small, is invariably bleak for the parents of the newly weds. In the Philippines where the parents of the groom usually foot the bill, the euphoria of having staged an impressive show of one’s wealth is soon eclipsed by the anxiety of dealing with, excuse the pun, the wedding bills.

Rico, however, did not expect his widowed mother Conchita to pay for anything. He and his siblings have in fact financially supported their mother since their father died. But for the old woman this was her big and only opportunity to “return” the favour. She had no money of her own because everything that Conchita received from Rico she had put in rebuilding their family home, now boasting six spacious en-suite bedrooms and three living rooms, one each for the children, their parents and the grandparents that were expected to constantly come visiting.

Sun 29th August 2010

Many of the couple’s friends and relatives from the United States and the Middle East took time out of their work and didn’t mind spending money on airfares to come home and witness the happy ending to a saga that spanned three continents. They were making a pilgrimage to be at one with the couple in the triumphant culmination of their arduous journey.
In your typical Filipino wedding where the bride and groom spend many years working abroad before coming home to make a spectacle of their union before their relatives and friends, there is that “sky is the limit” air to the whole festivity. This is because of the enormous buying power of the potent American Dollar so that every caprice could be indulged.
Bobi Rodero

Upon arrival in Pampanga, Rico was on the lookout for a portly vamp with the Shirley Temple ringlets (how...
Bobi Rodero

Ildefonsa avoided all kinds of socialization. Even refusing catering orders for her now famous patties, if the deal required her...
Bobi Rodero

It didn’t help that the welcoming crowd spoke to each other almost exclusively in apampangan, a Filipino dialect which was...
Bobi Rodero

We will forget about Conchita for now to continue our story in the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of...
Bobi Rodero

Nothing out of the ordinary happened in Conchita’s life after her husband’s death. She focused all her energy on looking...
Bobi Rodero

More than half an hour after the policeman left the restaurant, the whole family was still sitting on the dinner...
Bobi Rodero

That year, Conchita was a very peaceful and happy one for Conchita, a year devoid of tragic dramas involving the...
Bobi Rodero

When Manuel Jr., asked his mother why she objected to his plan to become a seaman so that like many...


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