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Bayanihan Foundation’s 3-Day Course on “Intercultural Communication within a Relationship” a Success
Diana Oosterbeek-Latoza
Utrecht-The Netherlands
August 17, 2008

Filipinas in bi-cultural relationship pointed out that the most common problems they encounter are language & cultural problems. The differences and ignorance of each other's culture could put a strain to one's relationship that could lead to domestic violence. This difference in culture is the main cause of divorce between a Filipina and a Dutch partner.
Evelyn Pelsmaeker
Amsterdam-The Netherlands
November 15, 2007

It was a moment of jubilation for the group of Filipinas who attended the 12th Black Magic Woman Festival on November 15, when Diana Oosterbeek- Latoza of Stichting Bayanihan was proclaimed the winner of the ZAMI AWARD 2007.
MoreBayanihan & Diwa women celebrate International Women's Day in Rotterdam and Utrecht (Netherlands)
Diana Oosterbeek-Latoza

On March 8 the women of Stichting Bayanihan in Rotterdam celebrated the International Women's Day together with other women organisations...

    Diana Oosterbeek-Latoza

    MoreLakas Adhika saluted Women and Girls’ IWM spirits
    Marilie Bomediano

    Adhika Inc. and the Filipino Community (FILCOM) recently held a celebration that portrayed the women and girls’ perils in life challenges, the Filipino-Australians’ contribution that marked this year’s International Women’s Month (IWM) last March in Sydney’s innerwest Lidcombe....
    MoreFred and Nenita Tomas celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary in Toronto
    Dindo Orbeso

    The husband and wife team of Alfred Tomas and Nenita Tomas celebrated their 25th  wedding anniversary which was attended by relatives and close friends on April 15, 2017....
    MoreOntario FilCan Catholic Parents Organization Sets 3rd Annual Conference
    Tony A. San Juan

    Faithful to its mission and mandate, the Filipino Canadian Parents Association in Catholic Education - FCPACE  will hold its Third Annual Conference on June...
    MorePrince of Peace Parish Lenten Mission Holy Mass and Healing of Parishioners
    Dindo Orbeso

    The Prince of Peace Parish Lenten Mission was held at the Prince of Peace Church in Scarborough, as part of...
    Luisito Queano

    Filipino TV proudly announced today that it will launch TV Migrante as part of its regular programming on its carrier...
    MoreDolly Poblete celebrates 86th Birthday
    Dindo Orbeso

    Lady Dolly Poblete was feted by her Toronto children and grandchildren on her 86th Birthday at her Scarborough home....
    MoreMaharlika KC Council # 7488 37th Anniversary
    Dindo Orbeso

    Maharlika KC Council # 7488 celebrated their 37th Anniversary with a Dinner-Dance at St. Aidan Catholic Church Hall....

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