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Chared Verschuur-Ballo
The Netherlands
January 13, 2010

One of the biggest challenges that a highly-educated professional may face when moving to the Netherlands is the fact that Dutch is the language used in this country. Of course, that is not the case if the professional is coming from the northern part of Belgium where Dutch is widely spoken, like English to Filipinos.

I received my Dutch as a 2nd Language diploma after two years of living here. That even when I did not attend formal Dutch education or inburgeringscursus (integration course). Some people attribute it to smart genes passed on by my parents (ahem, I hope they are reading this). Others say I have a feeling for language, like other people have feeling for numbers or reading the stars and what-have-you. A company owner to whom I applied for a job before said I have a chip in my brain (droid?!).
Chared Verschuur-Ballo
The Netherlands
October 12, 2009

Since two typhoons hit the Philippines, many are still awaiting help. One of these is Santolan, Pasig City where friends dear to us live. They were victims of 25-foot water that entered their homes in a matter of only thirty minutes. "I thought it was already the end of the world," said Mommy Ventura when asked about their experience.

When Ondoy lashed the metropolis, no one had any idea he would bring such devastation. Otherwise, the residents who live along his path would have sought shelter somewhere else. Mommy is an owner of a three-level building along M. Dela Paz. They had the lowest level rented out while the second level is owned by her sons. She and her husband with their single daughter live in the third floor with an adjacent rooftop.
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Chared Verschuur-Ballo

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    Chared Verschuur-Ballo

    Chared hails from Quezon City and finished AB Journalism in the University of Santo Tomas.

    She was a News Reporter for more than 10 years in Manila before Chared came to Holand to stay in 2007.

    She did her on-the-job-training at the Philippine Daily Inquirer and was a Broadcast Reporter for the National Broadcasting Network.

    Chared also wrote for magazines and newspapers while working as a Broadcast Reporter. In 2005, she attended a Broadcast Journalism training at the Radio Nederlands Training Centre in Hilversum. That was also the time when she met her husband.

    While new in the Netherlands, Chared contributed articles for Antenne Rotterdam about her experiences in living here. The articles are still on their website.

    Right now, Chared works as Communications Assistant for the Federation of European Microbiological Societies.
    She maintains her own website... www.charedverschuur.com.
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