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A jolly festive Christmas party 2017 by Stichting Kapitbahayan in the Netherlands

By  Angel Axinto
De Kade, Noordeinde Spijkenisse
The Netherlands
December 15, 2017


One Christmas party after the other. A week after the jubilant BISDAK Christmas Party in Woudenberg, Stichting Kapitbahayan held their Christmas party last Saturday, December 9, 2017. With De Kade, Bar and Restaurant in Spijkenisse, as the venue, the celebration was filled with dancing, Karaoke singing, statue dance, and raffle draws.

Christmas is getting nearer, and the excitement is building up. And no rain nor snow can stop us from being together again to rejoice and celebrate Christmas. Our destination - De Kade in Spijkenisse. It was a chilly night, with the cold winter breeze blowing and snowflakes falling ..it sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

And we cannot wait to start this jubilation!!!!

De stomping music is irresistible. Guests  consumed their meals as  fast as they can so that they could join the dancing. Not a minute to waste. With the Sound Team playing the disco hits of all time, the dancefloor is not big enough to accommodate all the party goers at one time. Not to worry, there is still space in front of the bar and by the stairs so everybody could swing to the rhythm. The men were not to be left behind. All they need is a bottle or two to loosen them up. And whoops, there they go joining their partners in the dancefloor and showed they know how to twist as well.

The Karaoke singing is a typical Asian past time. Known for it´s hospitality and friendly nature, Filipinos love to sing with or without any occasion. It´s imbedded in our hearts , our genes if you will. We love to sing our hearts out or scream to the top of our voices if we have to. And whether we can sing like a professional, or unfortunately out of tune, or mubble the words, nobody cares. It´s pure pleasure. It is the Filipino way of having fun. And the craze is spreading in Europe.

In between the dancing and the Karaoke singing was the raffle draw. The first to be raffled were the consolation prizes and the grand prizes raffled at midnight. A statue dance  spiced up the night. Participants have to be in pairs and four unbeatable pairs were finally declared winners.

The wishing of cheer, the laughter in the air, the Christmas songs that lifts the spirit, the beautiful smiles adorning the face, the love shared to each other….it is what Christmas is all about. And tonight we gather together to commemorate this most joyful time of the year as one family having the greatest time of their lives.

It is with great pleasure that we thank all our  sponsors specially  Aguila Travel Company represented by Jove van der Weijde, Ton van Burgh, BISDAK friends, Steena Lines seafarer, all winners, the ladies at the bar, Atif Kurf (manager of De Kade), the Sound Team and everybody who attended the party. We truly appreciate all your efforts, support, your love and your happy nature. Thank you.

 Rejoicing  because it is Christmas is the focal point of this festivity. The whole world celebrates Christmas in their own beautiful and unique way since time immemorial. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

But what is Christmas?  Is it the stockings hanging by the fireplace?...is it the gifts under the tree?...or the colorful flickering lights?....or maybe the cards we sign and send to friends?..Sad to say, none of those things.  Because Christmas has no price tag….Christmas is love.

It is the humble birth of Baby Jesus in a manger.….and this Baby is God.  

And  there is no greater love than God’s love for us. So let us praise, honour and glorify Him.

Blow the trumpets!...beat the drums!...ring the bells!...let us all rejoice and be merry as we celebrate the Nativity of Christ the Lord.

And whatever your belief maybe, let the spirit of love gently fill your hearts and homes. Give love,  spread love and make this world a better place to live in. Do it for our children..and for our childrens’ children…and for the generations yet to come.

May this season of joy brings blessings of love and happiness in your life and your family.

Stichting Kapitbahayan is wishing everyone A MERRY CHRISTMAS and A VERY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2018 !!!!!

Photos courtesy of:  Colet Sabile, Maldita Chay Ymbol de Vos, Jecay Cultura Ligan, Cynthia van Dam Gomez, Mariafe Dimaano Berkman, Mely Van Gils, Enrico Loffeld

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    Henk Kleijwegt
    De kade spijkenisse
    Fri 15th December 2017

     It was a plesure to enjoy whit kapitbahayan and whit the group sound team there are a good friends for me

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