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By Agnes van de Beek-Pavia
The Hague, the Netherlands
December 14, 2017


We venture into an unknown world, into unfamiliar places with unfamiliar faces.
So we dared a scary and very challenging move – leaving behind our families, our parents, a wife, a husband, a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or maybe leaving behind a low-paying career. But for many it is about leaving behind the regularity and familiarity of our comfort zones.

Our journey as an OFW is a story shared by all others like myself because it is a story of dreams—dreams of a better life for one’s family, to have one’s own house, to give one’s children the best education, to help one’s sibling complete a college education, to provide the best medical treatment to ailing family members, and ultimately to ensure a comfortable life after one retires and grows old.

Full of hope, full of courage we take this journey in the midst of unfamiliar faces and foreign culture.  We brace ourselves with physical and emotional strength so we can cope with the adversaries of working and living abroad.  And somehow we cope, we survive.

Each passing time we commit to our goal of – MAKING OUR FAMILY’S LIFE BETTER. We send every penny we earn to our families back home. We feel good and we do not seem to get tired sending our hard-earned money. And so it goes each passing moment …money comes in and goes.

Being an OFW doesn’t just mean sending every penny to our families. We deserve more than that. We work day and night. We do all kinds of odd jobs to earn extra money to support and provide our family back home. It is a significant amount we send every passing time. Eventually we cut our own personal expenses to free up our money for the things that our family needs back home. We limit our own freedom to actually manage our hard-earned money. Unfortunately some of us fail to save on our own.

The truth is - our life in our host country is just temporary. One day soon, we have to go back home. We will long to be home!  But are we prepared to go back home? Are we prepared for a homecoming which is due all our sacrifices?


This book: FINISH STRONG: GO HOME FOR GOOD, OFW, is an inspirational self-help guide book which features stories of Overseas Filipino Workers - their stories of success, dreams, disappointments, failures and challenges. But most importantly it is packed with practical tips on how to manage our finances while working abroad.

We have lost many important family moments and missed occasions back home – we can’t afford to lose and fail in that one FINAL STEP OF OUR OFW JOURNEY – and that is to FINISH STRONG! 

Being equipped with new skills, experiences and prospects, we can travel back home with a whole new goal for ourselves - that is to enjoy the fruits of what we have worked so hard for all our entire OFW lives.  We deserve our grand prize:  Go, enjoy life and be bigger than yourself!!

Be inspired, refocus our goals and be prepared for our homecoming- Go home while still young, able and not broke!

“Awesome story. Powerful Lessons. If you want to go home, this is the book to read.”
Bro. Bo Sanchez  
Best Selling Author

“This book is a work of an enlightened OFW whose honest chronicles of struggle and hope would lead us to humbly admit the limits of human capacity and to rely on God's grace. The author powerfully reminds us that the survival and success of an OFW is not purely a self-determination but largely depends on the divine providence. Let us move on with our faith in God!”

Author of Poverty and Ecology at the Crossroads

 “This is a simple inspirational memoir of an OFW who finds getting back home not broken but standing young, strong and victorious as an ultimate goal.”

Spiritual Adviser FCC The Hague, NL & Louvain University Belgium

“Being an OFW myself, this is an inspiring book to read. A "must read" for OFWs or if you have family members who are working and planning to work outside the Philippines.”

Feast Builder of LOJ Singapore

“It shows the blood and sweat experiences of most OFWs, money mistakes and ways of dealing with it.”

Founder of Filipino Save Invest Secure

She believes that OFWs should not go home defeated, old, and weak and broke.

Because OFWs are modern heroes, they deserve to finish strong and come home as winners.
*Physical and EBooks are available at http://www.fatimaacuna.com. Phone number: +63 9468707996 Email address: fatima@fatimaacuna.com. Or contact agvdbeek@hetnet.nl for orders of physical books (worth €15) in The Netherlands. Finish Strong: Go Home for Good, OFW.

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