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Knights of Rizal (KOR), Sydney, Australia Chapter Holds Knighting, Elevation, Exaltation Ceremonies & Symposium

By Francis (Boy) de los Santos, KCR
Chapter Archivist
November 1, 2016


Philippine Consulate-Sydney-October 8, 2016: The   Knights of  Rizal (KOR)   Sydney Australia  Chapter  successfully concluded its Knighting, Elevation and  Exaltation ceremonies held on 08 October 2016  at Bulwagang Rizal, Philippine Consulate Office in Sydney.

The afternoon event was divided into 2 parts – Part 1 was the Knighting, Elevation and Exaltation, and Part 2 was the special Lecture/Forum by Sir Prof Floro Quibuyen, PHD  (KCR)  on the topic, “El-Filibusterismo and   the  Calamba   Hacienda Case: The Untold Story”. 

Before the commencement of the program, Ms. Jinky Marsh was called to lead the singing of  the Philippine National Anthem “Lupang Hinirang”. After   declaring   the   event   open   for   business,   Sir   Danny   Peralta,   KCR   (KOR   Sydney   Chapter Commander) delivered the welcome address to all attendees comprising of KOR knight officers and members, their families and friends including a number of Filipino community leaders who were invited to attend. 

On his speech, Sir Danny gratefully thanked everyone, most especially, the guest speaker who happened to be KOR’s gracious host that day, the Honourable Consul General Anne Jalandoon-Louis, who generously granted and approved the use of Bulwagang Rizal for such a special event.   Sir Danny also mentioned the importance of recruiting new members and recognizing KOR member’s potential to be worthy members of the Order.  In addition, Sir Danny explained that new members are sworn in to study the teachings of Rizal and endeavour to put them into practice.  Upon elevation to another higher rank, KOR members have to urge and inspire fellow countrymen to emulate Rizal in his patriotic deeds and endeavours.   Other KOR officers who attended the event were Sir Jess Diaz (KGOR) Past Regional Commander;   Sir   Bing   Rana (KCR)   currently, Regional   Commander  ANZO;   Sir   Fiel   Santos (KCR) Deputy Regional Commander; Sir Phillip Ranoso (KCR) former Regional Commander, Sir Max Lopez (KCR)   Past   Eastern   Area   Commander;   Sir   Cesar   Bartolome (KCR)  Eastern   Area Commander, Ralph Posadas (KCR) former Chapter Commander and Sir Carlo Villadiego (KOR) former Chapter Exchequer with some of the KOR officers mentioned above, actually participated in the Knighting Ceremony.   

The new KOR members knighted to the 1st Degree were: 1) Mr Ian Treacy, Knight of Rizal (KR), 2) Mr McJulian Franco, Knight of Rizal (KR).  The Knights elevated to the 2nd Degree were: 1) Sir Jhun Morales (from KR to KOR), 2) Sir Jeffrey Mendoza (from KR to KOR), 3) Sir Alex Del Prado (from KR to KOR).  

The Knight exalted to the 3rd Degree was Sir Danny Peralta (from KOR to KCR).  The knighting ceremony and rituals were performed by Knight officers led by Sir Danny Peralta  (KCR),  Chapter Commander, Sir Bing Rana (KCR), Regional Commander, Australian New Zealand Oceania (ANZO), Sir Jhun Morales, KOR (Exchequer), Sir Jeffrey Mendoza, KOR (Pursuivant), Sir Arnul   Pan (KCR)   Deputy   Knight   Commander   and   Sir   Francis   (Boy)   de   los   Santos (KCR) Substitute Chancellor for Sir Geoffrey Little, who begged off at the last minute.  

As always, Sir Max   Lopez (KCR)   masterfully   emceed   the   event   and acted as Moderator during the   Lecture/Forum’s  Question   and Answer” portion.   During intermission, former Pinoy Dream Academy finalist, Mr. Chad Peralta and son of Sir Danny Peralta, wowed the crowd with a song rendetion of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, popularized in a new version by the late Hawaiian singer/icon Israel Kamakawiwoóle. Chad  accompanied himself superbly in a Ukelele.  

Another invited special guest was the Yapak Band, who sang  patriotic   songs   that   impressed   the   audience   with   their   powerful   and   inspiring   thoughts/messages.  

In her inspirational message, the Honourable Consul Anne Jalando-on Louis thanked everyone who   showed   up   to   personally   witness   the   special   KOR   event   and   to   hear   Dr.   Quibuyen’s Lecture/Forum that day.  Congen Anne also encouraged everyone to support KOR on their annual programs and activities being held every 19 June (JPR’s birth) and 30 Dec (JPR’s martyrdom).  Congen further explained that KOR does not necessarily require anyone to join and support their group for advocacy to strengthen the Filipino cultural heritage, particularly the life and works of the Philippine   National   Hero,   Dr.  Jose   Rizal.   Congen  Anne  reiterated   that  anyone   could  help   the Filipino  community  by   volunteering to do   something   worthwhile,  take  action   to  enhance/share ideas   for   the   betterment   of   the   Filipino   community   residing  in   New   South   Wales.    Congen Anne also  bade goodbye to everyone specifically Knights of Rizal Sydney Chapter  and stated that 2016 is her last term as Consul General and would be vacating  her  post first  quarter next  year.     Congen Anne requested KOR to continue their advocacy to propagate Dr.Jose Rizal’s life, works and teachings through their annual programs and events, particularly through lectures/symposium facilitated by Sir Floro Quibuyen, PhD (KCR). 

Before the 2nd part of the program started, Sir Fiel Santos (KCR) Deputy Regional Commander for ANZO, introduced  Professor/Lecturer  Dr. Floro Quibuyen.   Sir Fiel explained  that based on Dr. Quibuyen’s academic and professional experience and qualifications, 10-page single-space plain paper would not suffice for a proper and appropriate introduction of the Lecturer.  Aside from earning a PhD degree in Political Science and an M.A degree in Anthropology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Dr. Quibuyen’s professional qualifications include being a Filmmaker and TV Director-Producer, Former UP Professor in Philippine Studies and a Lecturer in the Social Sciences and Humanities, and a book author as well. Regarded by scholars as a major contribution to Rizal studies is his book A Nation Aborted: Rizal, American Hegemony, and Philippine Nationalism (Ateneo de Manila University Press, revised, 2nd edition 2009).  

A special message came from Sir Bing Rana, (KCR) Regional Commander  for those 2 newly knighted, 3 elevated and 1 exalted knight members and officers that day.  Sir Bing congratulated and thanked those who made the event happen.   In addition, he encouraged everyone to continuously support the KOR vision to spread and be inspired to put into practice the life, works and teachings  of  Dr. Jose Rizal.  Sir Bing also thanked and appreciated Congen Anne Jalandoon-Louis for her continued help and support in annual KOR events and lectures during her 6-year tenure as the Consul General of the Philippine Consulate in Sydney.

Dr. Floro Quibuyen started narrating unknown or forgotten stories about Dr. Jose Rizal’s El-Filibusterismo and the Calamba Hacienda Case, in particular Paciano’s role as leader of the Calamba farmers and as the revolutionary general who liberated the town of Calamba from Spanish control on 2 June 1898. Dr. Quibuyen explained how, over the years 1890-1891, 300 Calamba families (including Dr. Jose Rizal’s family) were evicted from their residential lots and farms in the Calamba Hacienda by Spanish military forces after losing a legal battle with the Dominican Order.  On top of that, 25 individuals (including the parents of Rizal, his brother Paciano and brothers in law) were ordered deported to Mindoro and Jolo. However, the Rizals were able, with the help of an underground group called the Partido Rizalino, to escape to HongKong, were they reunited with Jose Rizal in December 1891.  With this information with vivid details of what happened, the audience was left in awe.  Dr. Quibuyen admitted that he intentionally withheld other important issues for further discussion on Part 2 of the same Lecture.  Dr. Floro however assured everyone that the missing information will be revealed on 19 November 2016 for the sequel of the lecture.  He formally invited all attendees to watch the lecture-drama on the Calamba Hacienda Case that will be staged at Blacktown Arts Centre. 

In a special message, Sir Councillor  Jess Diaz (KGOR), emphasized on KOR responsibility not only to follow but emulate the ideals of Dr Jose Rizal in his patriotic endeavours but also to study his life, works and teachings.   This way, KOR can inspire the youth to be responsible and worthy to serve their country, the Philippines and become good citizens.  In closing the program, Sir Arnul Pan (KOR) Deputy Chapter Commander, expresses thanks and appreciation to all who attended the gathering especially, the knight officers and members who helped/assisted in one way or the other and volunteered their time to ensure a successful event.     Sir  Arnul   also   thanked   the   Philippine   Consulate   Sydney,   through   Consul General Ann Jalandoon Louis for being a kind and generous host that day. 

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