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PNU Batch ’65 Celebrates its Golden Jubilee

By Manny G. Asuncion (PNU Batch ’65)
May 31, 2015


Hail, Alma Mater Hail
Mother of leaders of Men
Bringer of Light
Teacher of Right
Guardian of Human Ken.

The PNC Batch ‘65 had its 2-day Golden Reunion at the Philippine Normal University on 25-26 April 2015.

DAY ONE  25 April: “Batch ’65  Social Hour”
The first reunion was aptly called “Social Hour” which was held in the PNU Conference Room at 1.00 pm on 25 April   exclusively for Batch ’65. This activity was derived from one of the social activities that PNC students held every Saturday where they learned social graces and conduct. The event was attended by more than 80 alumni coming from the Philippines and abroad.  

Laughter, hugs, kisses, tight embraces and tears of joy of classmates and friends who were united for the first time after fifty years, set the ambiance for the afternoon.  The reunion was a jovial, emotional and sentimental encounter, bringing back lots of fond memories of their college days.

“I can’t believe it’s happening! I would not miss it for the world!” said one teary-eyed celebrant.

The AV narrated their journey from young PNC students way up to their retirement. Feelings of nostalgia, surprise and shrieks of excitement among the alumni filled the room when they saw their young and fresh faces on the screen juxtaposed with their current photographs. The 15-minute presentation also paid tribute to PNU and the few alumni who had passed away.

The book of Mr Manny G. Asuncion’s SEASON, FILIPINO-AUSTRALIAN PLAYS DOWN UNDER was also launched that afternoon.  The book is a collection of 7 plays that depict the lives of Filipino migrants in Australia. The book was launched in August last year in Melbourne.  
Mrs Noemi Alindogan Medina’s book was also on sale. What makes the book interesting is, it narrates the Philippine history in poetry. 

There was also jolly and enthusiastic rehearsals of song and dance numbers to be performed by Batch ’61 for the Grand Alumni Homecoming the next day. Choreographed with gusto by Mrs Aurora Marcellana Pagulayan, the dance number represented the popular dance steps of the early and late ‘60’s like the Mash Potato, Shimmy Shimmy, The Surf and the Cha Cha, while the merry folk song, TAYO NA SA ANTIPOLO was enthusiastically led by Mrs Erlinda Paminiano West.  

Dr Ester B. Ogena, the current PNU president, delivered her welcome speech, while Dr Mario Ramirez, president of the PNU Alumni Association (PNUAA) gave his salutations and PNUAA president’s report.

Medals were awarded to the jubilarians by Dr Pedro A. Ramos (Member, Board of Directors and former School Division Superintendent Dept of Ed, Mandaluyong City) and Dr Teresita G Domalanta (Member Board of Directors, Former Regional Director, Dep Ed, National Capital Region).

Five of the Batch ’65 alumni were PNU Awardees for 2015: Mrs Criselda Ros-Dukler (PNU National Awardee for Stakeholders Management /Professional Career Overseas/Human Services); Dr Florante Parrenas (PNU National Awardee for Educator/Writer and Social Justice); Mr Manuel G. Asuncion (PNU International leadership Awardee) and Mrs Reza Reloj Tejada with her husband, Mr Tito Tejada for PNU Couple Awardee 2015.   

The enthusiastic song and dance number performed by Batch ‘65 was well received by the  audience. An inspirational message was delivered by Dr Rosita Galang and Mrs Criselda Ros-Dukler, one of the awardees, gave her response message. 

The 2015 PNU Grand Alumni homecoming was a  success especially for Batch ’65 because of the unforgettable moment of reuniting  with  classmates and friends after fifty years.

“I’m really blessed attending this reunion, it’s really one of the milestone of my life!” quipped a colleague with a smile.

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    Manny Asuncion
    Sun 7th June 2015

    My pleasure my batch mates! Thanks immensely for those wonderful comments.I'm more inspired to write!
    Thelma S. Gatapia
    Sun 7th June 2015

    Thanks so much Manny for the write - up .... hope to see you again ....
    Sonnie Vera Cruz Hetzel
    Thu 4th June 2015

    You did an outstanding job on it, Manny Asuncion.

    Tthanks forever for sharing your great talents with us, a wonderful writer in any form!

    Praise God for you!!
    Erlinda West
    Wed 3rd June 2015

    How thankful we are for having a batchmate such as you! You truly captured the essence of that once in a lifetime event that we will fondly remember the rest of our life.

    The photos brought a smile (and giggles!) to my lips as I recalled the actual instances that I was part of.

    More power to you Manny and God's blessings to all of us till next time.
    Reza Reloj Tejada
    Fairfield, Ct USA
    Wed 3rd June 2015

    Thank you so much for this wonderful write up about our Batch '65 golden reunion, more so you included my pictures & Tito & my names!
    We just arrived from our 7 mos. stay in Aklan. Visit us in Jan. ati-atihan-Rosita will be there in Jan. 2016. Sincerely, Reza Reloj-Tejada

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