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Seeing a “Bloody” Moon is a chance of a lifetime

By Willie Jose
October 20, 2017


Watching the rising of a” Bloody “Moon on a clear sky last Oct. 5 is an experience of a lifetime.

To see the large full moon in red color rising on the horizon, Emily, a good friend told me and my wife that we had to be at the Rouge Hill Park early because at exactly 7:15 p.m. the full moon—it’s also called a Harvest Moon—will begin to light up the sky.

We left our Scarborough home at 6:30 and in just 15 minutes, we were at the sprawling Rouge beach area  – and this is the best place where I could take a good shot at the moon with my I-phone.

 A number of people were already at the site when we got there; the beach itself is a good place to watch this celestial show because it’s just a plain beach in the lake without any infrastructure that could spoil the moon’s view.

 I have been living in Scarborough for more than 30 years and for the first time in my life, I never thought that at my age of 67, I would have a chance to see great phenomenon: a full red moon at exactly 7:15 and in 10 minutes after, its color turned to yellow.

Yes, Virginia, it’s true—some good things in life are free.

An old woman picks up litters as she walks her dog

Here’s another wonderful experience I’ve had recently.

One beautiful morning on October 6 as I was looking out our kitchen window, I saw an elderly woman walking her dog; after a while, she tied the dog’s leash at the stair’s iron grill and began picking up some empty soda cans, plastic water bottles, plastic, and papers littering the grassy ground in the complex.

Then, I immediately went downstairs to meet her and I said:  ” I would like to commend you for doing a good job, you’re a good example for all of us homeowners.”

She simply said, “Oh, this is nothing and I just don’t want some children throwing litters here”.

However, when I asked her name, she just remained silent; as I inquired further about the unit she’s living in, she simply said, “ I don’t want to give information like that because I don’t know you.“

So, I extended my hand to her and introduced myself, ” I’m Willie Jose, one of the directors in the complex “, and then she finally opened up, “Well, I’ve been living in this complex for almost 7 years.” And she simply wanted to remain anonymous.

Well, to our exemplary, wonderful old woman, I’d like to commend you for your good conduct —you’ve set a good example for all of us to emulate.

May your tribe increase, making this world a better place to live in.

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