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Filipino-Dutch Community Drechtsteden’s 15th Valentines party Anniversary was again jampacked despite the snow

By Angel Axinto
Photos:: Kees Visser, Anna Bracamonte, Mercedita Limen and Fe Heinen
Dordrecht-The Netherlands
February 14, 2017


The cold winter chill is not over yet.  And while some places in Europe is yet slowly recovering from the heavy snow fall, Holland was grateful with just the cold wind and pockets of light snow here and there.

But last February 11, the day of the long awaited  FDCD Valentines party, we woke up only to find out the entire country is covered in snow!  The first reaction was “Yeah! Let’s go out and play in the snow”. Yet the next minute was like “Oh noooooo, what about the party tonight?!!!”

For a moment it was a mix emotion. Delighted to see the amazing beautiful transformation of the landscape around, yet sad to know the discomfort, not to mention danger on the road the snow puts party goers into. Facebook was filled with worried party goers. Yet quickly reassured by one of the organizers, Livia Zerna. She said that there was a year when we had a mild blizzard during their Valentines party but it did not deter anybody at all. In fact, that was the year when they had the most guests ever. Advise was to wear warm clothes, bring that gorgeous Valentines party attire and change at the party centers’ spacious comfort room. Couldn’t be more  simple than that.

As the old saying goes “Come hell or high water”,  we are going to party!
Held at the FC Dordrecht, Krommedijk in Dordrecht, folks coming in from every corner of Holland and beyond. Friends from Germany and Belgium came to enjoy the Valentines party as they did the year before. The hall was jampacked with enthusiast party lovers who are more than ready to swing the night away. Nothing can stop us.

A huge arc of intertwined red and white balloons was creatively constructed for the guests to pass through at the entrance. Once inside the dancing hall your eyes would feast on the red and white balloons that were hanging everywhere.  The beautiful transformation of the party hall seems to have that mystical way of putting everybody in a platonic mood. Incredible.  The huge party center was filled with lovely ladies in stunning party dresses, mostly in red and some in their best red gowns. Some of the men on the other hand were wearing some touch of red to their attire. Startling sight.

In the adjacent room is the food court and beauty center. Guests were able to have their stomach filled with Filipino food and other delicacies. Some of the ladies had the chance to have a last minute make-up or re-touch by beauty experts.

This years’ Filipino Dutch Community Drechtstedens’ Valentines party is extra special. They are celebrating their 15th Anniversary.  And for this special occasion they decided to have no less than the all around singer and imitator Ruth Galura to perform back to back with Asian beat.  The combination couldn’t be more powerful. It was dynamite! The dancing started as soon as the crowd filled the room. No time wasted.
Funny it may seem, but FDCD’s party for some is the event to unite with their old friends far and near. My oh my they seem to agree to be here every Valentines party!  A great rendezvous indeed. And just like everybody else in the dance hall, they just let themselves loose. A lot of catching up to do and much to talk about. To some new comers, it is an evening to meet new people, taste the Filipino food, unwind and simply enjoy. A celebration for the day of the heart, held days earlier, but no less so meaningful and beautifully spent with families, loved ones, good friends and acquaintances.

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