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By Domingo P. Herras
Riyadh-Saudi Arabia
May 14, 2012

Photos: Domingo P. Herras


RIYADH – A conglomeration of some 28-31 Toastmasters International individual clubs in the Central Region (Riyadh) had successfully converged  and join  its ranks together  in one of the biggest  ever  ceremonial gatherings of toastmasters in Saudi Arabia,  dubbed as “Riyadh Divisions Joint Conference 2012” held  Friday, 4th of May at the Main Diriyah Hall at the Riyadh Palace Hotel here.
Overall winners in  various categories from both Div. A & B

Philippine Ambassador Ezzedin H. Tago was the Chief Guest of Honor and Speaker during the ceremonies. Tago praised the Toastmasters International organizations in Riyadh for initiating  laudable projects,  such as speech contests and educational workshops that help enhance the public speaking abilities and leadership of its members and their families, but also the community which includes Filipino expatriates in the Kingdom.   He also expressed his unwavering support to the organizations, “I encourage your organization to continue with its mission and I hope that Toasmasters International will continually adhere to its commitment of empowering its members through their pursuit of excellence in leadership and  public speaking for the benefit of the community,”Tago in his  inspirational message.
Introduction of Chief Judge's and Briefing of contestants.

The members panel of Judges

“Riyadh Divisions: Together As One” is the overall theme of the joint annual division conference this year.
Some 200-300 participating club members and council officers attended the one-day  joint annual celebration.  The simple ceremonies  opened with the parade of bannners lead by Division A followed by Division B. The Welcome remarks was delivered by Aamir Shamim Choudry, Chairman -Riyadh Division Joint Conference 2012. Delivering of the respective messages  was done by Div. A Governor -  James Edward Taruc, Div. B Governor - Dr. Delfin Federico, Jr.,  Hassan Maghazel- Lt. Governor for Marketing and Abraham Daniel-Lt. Governor for Education and Training.
The final announcement of winners in table topics,  humurous and international speech categories by the Chief and Contest Master.

The overwhelming successes and  splendor and the buzz of the annual Division conference  was exclusively sponsored and supported by Mabuhay Mobily  Telecommunications and SABIC Industries –a culture of innovations as this year’s major sponsors. Shutters Guild provided photo coverages of the entire event.
Briefing of Contest Rules and Introduction of Contest Masters.

Highlights of the joint conference was the showdown of skills, techniques, contents and voice quality and delivery of its respective pieces in the table topics, humorous, evaluation and International Speech competitions.  After a very tough and  challenging competitions, the “best among the best” speakers  emerged under the Division A  with TM Shaun Louie Sabico of the Mabuhay  and  PICPA Riyadh Toastmasters Club, winning the International Speech Contest category with his winning piece ”Trigger” , while TM Donnie Ray Aquino  won  the  humurous  and the evaluation speech was bagged by TM Reina Tejano with the table topics was carted-away by TM Sankaran Iyer.
TM Shaun Louie Sabico of the Mabuhay  and  PICPA Riyadh Toastmasters Club, winning the International Speech Contest category with his winning piece ”Trigger

 Division B’s “cream of the crop”, TM Syed Abdulqader captured the heart of the Judges by winning the International Speech category.  TM Syed Waqas Javed excelled in the humorous speech, with TM Sarah Kaleem Ahmad prevailed in the evaluation and TM Arshad Qazi made it to the table topics.
TM Syed Waqas convincing the Judges.

The overwhelming successes and the splendor and the buzz of the annual Division conference  was exclusively sponsored and supported by Mabuhay Mobily  Telecommunications and SABIC Industries –a culture of innovations as this year’s major sponsors. Shutters Guild provided exclusive photo coverages of the entire event.
Riyadh Division Joint Conference 2012 Organizing committees officials were composed of  Aamir Choudry-Chairman, James Edward Taru and Delfin Federeico, Jr-Deputy Chairmen, Mufid Mustafa-Finance, Sayed Waqas-Marketing, Sayed Ashfaq-Sponsorship, Mohammed Mubin-Logistics, Ruel Ontiveros-Awards, Jorge Nathaniel Amores and Leila Corres-Registration and Reception, Reina V. Tejano-Souvenir Program, Romwald Miranda-Media Coverage and Publicity and Nassim Hussain-Contest Committee.
Organizing Committee and contest officials conferring before the announcement of the final  winners.

Toastmasters International - (“Where Leaders Are Made”) is a  non-profit and non-stock educational organizations – a world leader in communication and leadership development with a total membership of more than 270,000 members from the different parts of the world, in more than 13,000 clubs in 116 countries around the globe.
Toastmasters International Club members from Division A are – Riyadh Toastmasters Club , Toastmasters Club of COMSOFIL, CRPD Toasmasters Club, Dar Aluloom University TM Club, Humalayan Toastmasters  Club, FILCOM-IT Toastmasters Club, Riyadh Refinery, Prince Sultan University Club, Yalah Banat Ariyadh Toastmasters Club, Al Harbia Alislamia Schools Toastmasters Club, Princess Noura University, CLT Toastmasters Club, PICPA-Riyadh Toastmasters Club, PSME-CRSA & Friends Toastmasters Club, First Qassim Toastmasters Club, and Speakers of PICE of Riyadh.
Under the Division B -  Taj Club, Kohinoor Toastmasters Club, Serendib Club, Mabuhay Toastmasters Club, Power Toastmasters, The Gold Toastmasters Club, Al-Motaladith Toastmasters Club, Sandico Club, Sand Dunes Toastmasters Club, TCC Toastmasters Club, Peeves Yasmin Toastmasters Club, Desert Diamonds Toastmasters Club, Arabia Stallion Club, SABIC Stars and NGHA Toastmasters Club.
Contest masters –Table topics Div. A - TM Omar Al-Hussaini and Div. B TM Abdul Muqeet; Humurous Speech-Div. A-TM Nestor Galang, Div. B – TM Mike Pacheco; Speech Evaluation Contest – Div. A-TM Sayed Ateeq, Div. B – TM Jasir Badsha; Intl. Speech Contest- Div. A-TM Edie Hilal, Div. B-TM Shahul Hameed; Chief Sgt.-at-Arms-TM Nassim Hussain.
TABLE  TOPICS  CONTEST  Divisioin A Contestants are TM Sankaran Iyer (Champion), TM Anthony Menachery, TM Marilyn Costuna, TM Larry Ortega, TM Reina Tejano; and TM Jou Pabalate (2ND Place); Div. B Contestants- TM Gian Adato, TM Roji Mathews, TM Arsenio Corres, TM Syed Abdulqadir, TM Arshad Qazi (Champion),  and TM Amal Othmas.
TM Sankaran Iyer (Champion) Table Topics

TM Jou Pabalate winner in the Table topics speech evaluation.

HUMOROUS SPEECH CONTEST – Division A Contestants are TM Marben Asari, TM Vasudevan, TM Maphillindo Castro, Jr., TM Ahmad Alhajiri, TM Lan Dimtui and TM Donie Ray Aquino (Champion). Division B Contestants – TM Jafer Saeeek, TM Himayat, TM Sarah Ahmed, TM Latifah Al-Ghotami, TM Syed Waqas (Champion) and TM Ali Al-Qahtani.
TM Maphilindo Castro enjoys the real magic in toastmastering!

Humorous speech contest winners -Div. A.

SPEECH EVALUATION CONTEST – Division A Contestants: TM Sahria T. Lawi Macabalang, TM Ayesha Aijaz, TM  Ramon Austria, TM Larry Ortega, TM Reina Tejano (Champion) and TM Jou Pabalate (2nd Place winner); Division B: TM M.I.M. Zubair, TM Nirone Sissanayake, TM Sarah Khaleem Ahmed (Champion), TM Atiq Abdulrahman, TM Mohammed Al Hajeri and,  TM Motheo Moatshe.
TM Sarah Khaleem Ahmed winner in the Speech evaluation.

Div. B Speech evaluation winners.

INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST – Division A contestants: TM Sankaran Iyer, TM Syed Tasqueer, TM Danilo Tenerefi, TM Ramon Austria, TM Rufino Jacobe, Jr. and TM Shaun Louie Sabico (Champion); Division B: TM Roji Mathews, TM Austin Eleferia, TM David Kong, TM Syed Abdulqadir (Champiion), TM Mohammed Al Hajeri and TM Sayed Waqas.
TM Ron Jacobe with his real winning piece.

Intl Speech Winner TM Shaun Louie Sabico (2R) together with Dist. Govs. Taruc (L) and Federico, Jr.

The outpouring enthusiasm of all the participating  districts, clubs  and members  in accomplishing the Toastmaster’s lofty mission-vision both Division A and Division B respectively, the Council leaders is determined to launched more laudable and aggressive projects that would be beneficial to all  members in both divisions.  This year’s  top winners  in the four 4 categories will represent and will compete in District 79 Toastmasters Annual Conference (DTAC) on May 17-18, 2012 in Jeddah.
Lt. Gov Hassan Maghazel hand-over the plaque of appreciation to Aamir Shamin Choudy with DTM Abraham Daniel (L)

The Council Officers in the Division A who ushered their all-out support with their respective expertises and dedication to the Toastmasters International’s lofty vision towards the  successful implementation of this year’s “RJDC 2012” were James Edward Taruc ACS/ALS-Division Governor, Mohammed Mubin CC/ALB-Area 1 Governor, Jorge Nathaniel Amores,ACG/ALB-Area 2 Governor, Tahira Hoke,CC-Area 3 Governor, Ruel Ontiveros, ACS/ALB-Area 5 Governor, Abraham Daniel, DTM,-Immediate Past Div. Governor, Aamir Shammim Choudry, ACS/CL-Asst. Div. Gov. For Education and Training, Sayed Waqas, ACG/ALB-Asst. Div. Gov. For Marketing, Mufid Mustafa, ACB/CL-Master Trainer, Jovett Lopez, ACB/ALB-Div. Public Relations Officer, Perlito Amarante, CC/CL-Div. Secretary, Irshad Mohiuddin,CC/CL-Div. Treasurer, Resty Sibug, CC/CL-Events Coordinator and Soman Kooniyath, CC/CL-Gavel Clubs Coordinator.
Lt. Gov. for Marketing Hassan Maghazel presenting the appreciation awards to TM Reina Tejano.

2012 RJDC view of the venue at Riyadh Palace Hotel.

Division B Council of Officer – Saud Al Omair,CC/CL-Area 38 Governor, Sayed Ashfaq, ACG/ALB-Area 22 Governor, Saud Al Enazi, ACB/ALB-Area 6 Governor, Mohammed Nazim Hussain, ACG/ALB-Area 4 Governor, Delfin Federico, Jr.-DTM- Divisiion B Governor, Arsenio Corres, ACL/ALB-Div. Treasurer, Abdulaziz Al Fakhri-Div. Public Relations Officer, Saeed Basonbul, CC/CL-Asst. Div. Gov. For Marketing, Leila Corres, ACB/ALB-Asst. Div. Gov. For Education and Training, Abraham Daniel, DTM-Immediate Past Div. Governor, Nirone Dissayanake,ACB-ALB-Speaker’s Bureau Chair, Syed Zia Ur Rahman, ACS/ALS-Events Coordinator, Rayees Syed-Master Trainer and Antonio Monter, DTM-Dv. Secretary.

    By Domingo P. Herras

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