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Duterte Middle East Movement aims for ‘Solid Votes’

By  J. Nava Cruz
Middle East
March 30, 2016


Just Friday last, Duterte Middle East Movement (DMEM) in Saudi Arabia and Middle East headed by Dr. Abdul Hannan Tago kicked-off a well-attended general assembly and ‘support rally’ for PDP Laban Presidential candidate Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte at Al Yamamah Sports Complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — one of the very first campaign rallies, of its kind, by Filipino expatriates in the Middle East that echoes, in unison, their 100% support for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Immense potent calls to solidify one-stand for a ‘major-sweep Duterte votes’ reverberates all throughout the Duterte Middle East Movement rally in Riyadh carrying the theme and slogan, “Make it Happen: OFWs Worldwide Support Duterte Solid Votes”. According to Dr. Abdul Hannan Tago, DMEM head and officially appointed PDP Laban Middle East Consultant:  “Our group will start to quantify the expected voters we can deliver for Duterte from the ‘pledged votes’ of overseas absentee voters and their families in the Philippines”.   He added:  “Our target is to get the votes of at least 70% to 90% maximum of the total absentee voters.”    At one end, DMEM Secretary & General Coordinator Jehad Zacaria Pangcoga said, “We are constantly receiving kingdom-wide invitation from various Filipino organizations in Saudi Arabia and from other Gulf countries where there are large concentrations of OFWs.  These organizations wanted us to be with them to confirm their pledge of support for Mayor Duterte.” 

Noteworthy to mention that Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas ng Bayan (PDP Laban) Chairman and incumbent Philippine Senator Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel III, during PDP Laban   9th of February 2016 Oath Taking Event at their headquarters in Intramuros, Manila, has officially  appointed Dr. Abdul Hannan Tago to work voluntarily as PDP Laban Campain Regional Consultant in the Middle East effective immediately — an official appointment which was made after the meeting of  Dr. Hannan Tago with PDP Laban Presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Senator ‘Koko’ Pimentel & other high ranking PDP Laban officials.  PDP Laban sought the assistance of Dr. Hannan Tago, who they believe will be of great help to PDP Laban considering his remarkable reputation as a well-known Filipino professional, civic leader and media personality in the Kingdom, let alone, his well-respected advisory leadership to thousands of Filipino groups in Saudi Arabia.

In attendance during the event includes at least 40 Filipino organizations like AMTAR Tugaya International Foundation, Filipino Athletes & Performers Society (FAPS), Wow TV, Community Investigative Service, Pagdilao Team, Susan Ople Team, Mikanians Group, United Architects of the Philippines, Christian Community, United Bangsamoro Group, Guardian KSA Chapter among others and a number of Saudi and Filipino community leaders and personalities like Dr. Nidhal Al Dhalaim, General Manager of Mensahe TV, who has fully thrown his personal support to Duterte via his speech delivered in English and Filipino, which was posted in social media and earned almost 1.1 million views and 14.2 thousand likes as of this time; Professor & Aleem Amrollah Dimal Diambangan, Western and Arabic education expert from Lanao del Sur, who delivered a very inspiring speech with Islamic viewpoints on why Muslim Filipinos should support Duterte; Madam Edita Cetro,  a respected lady from Davao City and  branded as the mother of Duterte Middle East Movement and heads the DMEM ladies committee;  Engr. Nadzker Lakibul Sahidulla of DataPhil and PR & Media Head of PDP Laban Middle East, Engr. Rasol Cali, Engr. Hussein Datu Ramos, Mr. John Leonard Monterona, Migrante Middle East Regional Coordinator among others.  Likewise, Filipino performers and artists had extended their support like coming-up with a Duterte Campaign jingle written by Gene Juanich among so many forms of creative supports. 

Currently, there is almost 1.3 Million Filipinos residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and  hundred thousands of them will cast their votes during the forthcoming May 2016 Election; overseas absentee voting in the Kingdom will start on April 9 and will end on May 9, 2016.   (With inputs from Jehad Zacaria Pangcoga, General Secretary and Coordinator of Duterte Middle East Movement – Saudi Arabia and Middle East. - J. Nava Cruz, an OFW is a freelance writer/documentarist and a published book author in the Philippines.)

DMI endorses ‘Duterte Para sa Tunay na Pagbabago’

By J. Nava Cruz
Saudi Arabia
March 30, 2016

As May 2016 Philippine Election steadfastly approaching, floods of support are coming from all directions to campaign for their Presidential bet just like in the case of Duterte Movement International (DMI) headed by Macapado ‘Gob’ Dimalotang, who spearheaded last Friday a support campaign movement for Presidential candidate Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte held in Al Naseem in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Just last March 14, Macapado ‘Gob’ Dimalotang was officially appointed by Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte National Executive Coordinating Committee (MRRD NECC) as their Campaign Manager for  Central Region (Riyadh) in Saud Arabia — an enormous responsibilities which MRRD NECC assigned to Dimalotang based on his array of experience in community leadership and team building as well as his personal accomplishments.  Dimalotang, who have been in the Kingdom for 25 years and presently connected with Arab National Bank (ANB) in Riyadh, is at the forefront of leadership as Vice Chairman of Overseas Filipinos Worldwide (OFW) Congress in Riyadh — a very formidable and influential OFW organization.

During last month interview with Dimalotang he said, “OFW Congress in Riyadh is all out to support the presidential nomination of Mayor Duterte. We believe that he can serve well the Filipinos as their next president.”  He added, “What we are doing right now is purely voluntary support and pledge of alliance for him (Duterte).  We know that he (Duterte) does not have enough funds to go on with his nation-wide campaign, but we are all here to support him even it requires us to use an amount of our resources, much more, time.” Vouching the integrity of Dimalotang is Alex Bello, one of the most respected and well-known Overseas Filipino leaders during the past 30 years in the Middle East and the Chairman of OFW Congress Riyadh.   According to Bello, “Gob Dimalotang, a Muslim leader, leads quite well the campaign activities of “Rody Duterte for President".  At the side, and in support for Duterte’s Presidential bid, Bello is doing his part through reaching out the various Filipino community groups in the Middle East and tirelessly publicizing the Riyadh campaign's efforts via social media like Facebook.

DMI ‘Duterte Para sa Tunay na Pagbabago’ March 25 General Campaign/Assembly was attended by a number of Filipino organizations in the Kingdom such as Black Python Martial Arts Group, Eagle United Guardians International, UFWCD, Ranao Sports Commission (RSC) among others and Filipino community leaders and personalities like Alex Bello, Boy Macion, Joel Quiaot, Ernie S. Perez, Allan Macabangkit among others.  

Righ now, DMI is quite high in spirits to reach as many OFW voters to support Duterte and all out to do charm offensive to woo even those voters who favor other presidential candidates. (With inputs from Alladin ‘Aden’ Guinar of ANB and Supporter of DMI Riyadh. - J. Nava Cruz, an OFW is a freelance writer/documentarist and a published book author in the Philippines.)

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    azizia dar al baida riyadh KSA
    Sat 9th April 2016

    sir mam sana mayroon dyan yung libre sasakyan para makaboto kay du30
    isa rin ako sa sabik sa pag babago ayaw ko rin masayang buto ko

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