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Orquidia Valenzuela
The Netherlands
February 28, 2008

CARMENCITA LOZADA, international violinist, was officially nominated, through Munting Nayon News Magazine (MN), for a posthumous Philippine National Artist Award (Gawad Pambansang Alagad ng Sining) for 2009.

Carmencita Lozada
The award is the highest national recognition given to Filipinos who have contributed to the development of Philippine arts.

Ms. Lozada's works, international reviews and other relevant documents; 15-CD album, a recording of her 50 year-musical career which was her gift to the Filipino people, and; the list of names of those who joined the Signature Campaign were included in the letter, with the accomplished nomination form, submitted to the Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

The NCCA and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) are responsible for receiving nominations and recommending awards which are conferred by the Philippine government.

With the submission of Ms. Lozada's name to the NCCA, the Signature Campaign ends.

Munting Nayon was informed that NCCA will announce the winners in various art categories at the end of the year.

February 2008

Honorable Ambassador Romeo Arguelles
Embassy of the Philippines
The Netherlands

Dear Ambassador Arguelles,

On August 15, 2006 , Carmencita Lozada passed away in Manila and we lost a great Filipino artist who brought pride and joy not only to the Filipino people but the international community as well, through her violin virtuosity. Carmencita's music as manifested in her magnificent rendition of musical compositions emanating through the notes played on her violin will keep her legacy alive.

When one speaks of a Filipina violinist who has brought so much pride to her people and engraved the Philippines in the hearts and minds of discerning international musical community, only Carmencita Lozada comes to mind. For she is a woman of artistic substance who has endowed her people with pride, made known the wealth of our artistry and enriched the cultural heritage of the Filipino people through her violin and her music. Her winning the Paganini competition in Italy not once but twice at a very young age was proof of her mastery of the violin. For performing before a college of masters of music and winning it not once but twice, is not an easy feat.

In the 60's and early 90's, her concerts took her to many cities in Europe and elsewhere in the world. In those years when there were no diplomatic relations between the Philippines and the eastern European countries, she was chosen to be the soloist for ten concerts by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and other symphony orchestras in Poland. She was also the soloist for the Sibelius Centennial Celebration in Birminghan, England, held in its Great Hall. She was commissioned to record the Khatchaturian Concerto in Hannover.

European critics acclaimed her a "passionate violinist," with "superhuman virtuosity," a musician with "the devil of a violinist in her blood." And yet, through all these accolade and honors, Carmencita maintained her humility which is rare in the realm of artists. Unlike other artists who delve in individualism, Carmencita shared her immense talent by helping and supporting young aspiring musicians.

Unprecedented was her offering to her countrymen, her Heritage Recordings of 20 CDs which brings to life her musical career that started at the age of 17 when she left the Philippines for Vienna. The CD collection, released in Manila last year, is indeed a treasure, which in her own words, is "the harvest of odyssey that spans over 50 years." Unfortunately, the repertoire of this world fame violinist was so vast it was impossible to include them all in the CD collection.

Listen to the Heritage Recordings and you will experience the music of Carmencita's violin flowing into your heart and bringing out a range of emotions from allegro to triste.
Mr. Ambassador, knowing your love for music and your effort to enrich the cultural heritage of the Filipino artists, we would like to request you to help us in our endeavor to bestow upon Carmencita Lozada the honor she so richly deserved as a national artist. This is to acknowledge her contribution to the cultural heritage of the Filipino people which she has enriched through her music.

Sincerely yours,

For: Friends of Carmencita Lozada:

Orquidia Valenzuela Myrla Danao

Aurora Payoyo Irma Galias
Paul Barten Eddie Flores
Edna Mijares Njio Boone Njio
Mary Ann Morales Melinda Brugman
Maria Doris Salandanan Ma. Alita Gonzales
Ruth Castillo Alyss Andico
Maitet Ledesma Ching Lansang
Eleanor Buman Mellie van Vulpen
Lily Nelmida Coni Ledesma
Peter Payoyo Marietta Abarquez
Nene Bartolay Krebbers Diana Oosterbeek-Latoza
Mireille Heijltjes Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
Yanie Houwkes Norma Teurlings
A. Pel Myrna Adams
Sally Koenz-Queliza Dirk Marks
Effie Marks-Mendoza Bernadette Mendoza
Leoncia Santoloma Tessie Oemar-Lacson
Jocelyn van der Steen-del Rosario Emmie Wink- De la cruz
Gerardo Flores Evelyn Pelsmaeker- Travilla
Jan Nieuwenhuyse Cena Nieuwenhuyse-Lim
Jocelyn Woensdregt Luis Jalandoni
Leonardo Gonzalez Jonathan Alambra Palero, Phd
Victor Pelsmaeker Engr. and Mrs. Boris Bulk-Kramer
Engr. and Mrs. Fred Kramer Veronica Balbuena
Rodelyn Gallo Myrna Droog-Naiz
Nene Krebbers-Bartolay Mary Molegraaf
Susan Baas-Paderes Leah Flora D. Kleijn-Sanchez
I. Saturay Analyn Animo
Evangeline Arts-Sawit Karen Michelle Juarez
Dionito Respino Corazon Dee, PhD
Theo Droog Gloria Salud
Mely Laguardia Boermans Peter
Ruth de Leon Respino
Berny Qubing Saskia Qubing - van Dijk
Annelies van Deudekom Judith Lopez
Ross Rivera Grace Punongbayan
Rio Mondelo Henk j. van der Vaart
Lily Nelmida Frits de Boer

Bernadettee Yusi Santos Judge Jose C. de Guzman
Carmelo H. Obcemea Dr. Angie Lauchengco
Elma Pedregosa Dr. Lilia Mercedita Francisco
Dr. Arsenio Francisco Stefanie Anne Francisco
Dr. Norberto Francisco kees Portia Koelman & Aliya Parcs
Alma van Haaften Immanwel M. Saturay
Marikit M. Saturay Mtchy M. Saturay
Hiyasmin Saturay Jun Saturay
Irene L. Obcemea Anna Labrador
Renz Feliciano Rochelle R. Garcia
Ramon P. Santos Aleli C Feliciano
Ramona Ojeda Monina Rodriquez
Dinah C. Quiambao Nelia A. Young
Beatrice C. Calingo Nellie R. Garcia
Eugene A. Cruz Ian San Gabriel
Anthony Pagapulan Emily San Gabriel
Cecil Malit Ritcchie Santos
Chaperino Santos Marianne V. Miguel
Ma. Lourdes V. Miguel Paz Miguel
Lilia Miguel Antonio S. Miguel
Rosario S. Santos Marivic N. Rivera
Noel T. Rivera Danilo Arriola
Edmund Alcanzare Ronnie Bercero
Royce Antonio Mario Blaquera
Topper Campos Alex Caruncho
Ed Castor Benji Chua
Raymond Consolacion Ruth Consolacion
Mario de Rivera Esther Dimanlig
Jane Lacson Aida Llave
Duffy Lomuntad Derick Macutay
Lilimay Manalo Ferdie Nayve
Angelo Rivera Cristina Rivera
Romy Saguisag Pablo Tariman
Claire Zapata Net Tech
Erlinda O. Fabio Sr. Mary Placid Abejo,OSB
Alfredo V. Villanueva Marte D. Miranda
Peter Soliven Jr. Don Santana
Rodiel D. Alcantara Jose R. Flores
Susan La Torre Flores Sylnia la Torre Perez de Tagle
Sylvia Tanlapco Ramona Tatco Balingcos
Efren Tanlapco Pietro L. Flores
Jose Miguel C. Feliciano Nina Adriano
Carlo Feliciano Leo Auxilio
Jezriel Buenaventura Regi Gonzales
Richard Lazaro Madeleine Pilas
Cristabel Quiambao Digna Claudio
Joan Sakai James Olayvar
Alicia Bocek Susan Bondad
Teresita Ramos Lorela Fabio
Dinah C. Quiambao Kristine Sato

Patricia Adolfo Koorn Fam. de Bot
Minabelle Siason Melissa Lampaert

Nenette Salcedo Dolly Magbitang
Tags Butao Mel Montesa
Norma Macandog dela Cruz Teresita Sipin Cagampan
Clemencio Montesa Estrelita Gangoso
Susan Quintana Leonor Licardo
Ophee Gabriel Veth Ocsena
Jean Quileza Linda Gutierrez- Decena
Julie Navarro Adora Reyes
Andrea Salmingo Ritz Garcia
Evelyn Calugay Jose Calugay
Vicente S. Del Rosario, Jr. Joselito Calugay
G. Lopez

Juliet Mueller Vaya Neuser
Nicole Peuker Annaliese Kirchhoeffer
Erna Homolla Marzena Bys
Linda Kotzem Magdalena Neef
Jo Hafemann Heidi Reuter
Nicole Franzke Carmen Kaesbach
Aileen Hein Lolita Stenzel
Gertrud Hanefeld Carsten Strunk
Nathalie Sieland Elsbeth Berg
Daniel Dangendorf Rosa Magner
Tina Goessling Norberta Belz
Josephine Schindler Gloria Cabacungan
Sigrid Kammel Beatrix Schindler
Almut Schleifenbaum Lolita Sieland
Markus Loos Heike Müller
Gudrun Mueser Jennifer Mano
Christa Hoof Arnold Weber
Hans Mengel Charlotte Klein
Imelda Asiaten Yvette Thiesen-Sagra
Miriam Ross Evangeline Jose-Rössel
Josef Rössel

Carmencita Sipin Aspiras Letty Enerio dela Rosa
Edgar Avila Melanie Canamaque
Tina Besa Rita Selby
Stella Kalaw Jasmin M. Buno
Josephine Catindig Aida Chanco
Ysmael Chanco Roberta S. Topacio-Bernales
Cora Arevalo Coo Wilfredo R. Valenzuela
Ariel Dechosa Grace Michele V. Alba
Vivian Dechosa Joy Geronimo
Grace Macatangay Edwards George Hernandez
Ana Fe Donato Lumba Allier Manahan
Cleofe Moreto Nobleza Pilar
Pacita Asuncion Donato Sonia Sipin Scanlan
Agnes Tapales Grace Sipin Tionko
Adele Ubaldo Lucille Ubaldo
Jose Uriarte Lourdes Villanueva
Jose Alvarez Remedios Dizon
Lucy Bernardo Hernandez Lilia Nobleza Legaspi
Teresita Valera Enrico Saboren
Celia Sucgang Alfonso Albano
Concepcion Albano Violeta V. Alba, M.D.
Edna Culig Dr. Cynthia V. Mateo
Bert Peronilla Mila & Hery Brillantes
Carlos L. Esguerra Rodelia (Odette) Ople Ong
Loida Nicolas Lewis Fanny Barreto-Rivera
Maminda Canamaque Rodel Quemado
Ramon Raymundo Lawrence R. Selby
Teresa L. Selby Agnes Anderson
Rebecca B. Magbag Jeanette Carriveau
Tracy Thomason Marcel Schipper
Teodora Gaite Schipper Ryan & Karen del Rosario
Eric&Arlene del Rosario Dale & Claudia Harding
Rebecca Desilets Pamela Johnson
Reid Baer Rosie Baer
Joy Lorraine Salvador Bill Anderson
Alice Sabalvaro-Torres Maria Elena Rodriguez
Ted Sturm Dianne Barney
Lorna Rodriguez-Wong Dante D. Ochoa
Cecile Caguingin Ochoa Ruby Ignacio
Annie May Bivetto Matt King
David Rimelis Jay Mark
Ana Luiza Snyder Steven Selby
Rosita S. Galvez Zalo N. Pangahas
Cecille Cosio Pangahas Vicky Fulay
Sarah James Victoria Watson
Gary Kirkpatrick Phillip D. King
Andy Eulau Kathryn Davis
Robert Trentham Pearl Siew
Frank D. Fagnano Cecilia Nieves Asercion
John and Leticia Lawler Angeline Jorgensen
Rhodora Cachelin Teresita Ramos
Reynaldo Rodriguez Eleonor Sabalvaro

Deomund B. Aglibut Aries Caces

Nicanora Dualan Muguruza

Vicente Collado Jr.
Carol Capulong

Jake Bachmann Clemencio

Manny l G. Asuncion

Felix & Mylene Thijssen Maria Wilhelmina Raquid
Nortrud and Jehan-Jacques PEYRE

Gazelle Peralta Concepcion Nava Peralta
Juliette Moreira

Susanne Ledesma Edward Ledesma

Aaron Ceradoy Ramon Bultron

Rodulfo Sadernas

Anna Hegedus-Torres

Linda Sue Concepcion

Adelina Excler

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