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Jubilant BISDAK CHRISTMAS PARTY 2017 in The Netherlands once again filled with merrymaking and cheers

By Angel Axinto
Pyramide de Austerlitz, Woudenberg, The Netherlands
December 4, 2017


It’s the time of the year again. December is here and with it all the joys of Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year where families gather together, where happiness and joy is reflected in everybody’s faces.

In the Philippines, the streets, buildings and every home is beautifully decorated with colorful Christmas lights, well adorned Christmas trees dominates every scene. Beautiful manger depicting the humble birth of baby Jesus is not to be missed.  Christmas songs fills the air, people greeting each other with Christmas cheers. You could see, feel, smell and be overwhelmed with the spirit of Christmas. It’s truly magical. Kids caroling from house to house with their own ingenious musical instruments accompanied by unchoreographed dancing. What a joy they bring to every household. In Europe, the culture maybe different but the spirit of Christmas in every Filipino lives on.

Bisayang Dako Sa Netherlands (BISDAK) is a Filipino organization that makes everybody, whatever your nationality maybe, feel at home on their parties. It gives every guest that wonderful feeling of belonging, of being with the family, being cared for and loved, being special.

And when the yuletide season comes, the BISDAK CHRISTMAS Party is top of the list. And like any other loving family, BISDAK officers and members take arduous preparations for another impressive Christmas party for all its families and friends. A tradition they have been celebrating every year, and tonight is it’s  24th year. The holiday spirit is taking in and the excitement propels to top gear. It will be another memorable Christmas Party.

Last December 2, 2017 was a very foggy Saturday. The weather maybe grim topped with a warning of  slippery road that would only get worse as the evening progresses . But that does not scare the party goers at all.  Everybody flocked to their known ‘Bisdak home”, which is the Pyramide de Austerlitz Restaurant in Woudenberg, where BISDAK always celebrates Christmas.

Guests are delightfully welcome with a beautiful smile and pinned with ribbons as they enter the hall. Once inside, the restaurants’  unique decorations never ceases to impress guests. Colorful lights beamed the dancefloor as disco music played on the background giving one that instant disco feeling. Men, women and children dressed in their best attire, coming together, hugging each other, happy to be together again. Apparently to some, they would only see each other here during this party. And tonight is going to be a night of good food, good company and nothing but fun, fun, fun!!!!

First and foremost, the sumptuous diner! Every delicacy is cooked with love and passion by officers of the organization. The reason why it is always the talk of the land. A very important factor to every family get together- the food. And Bisdakers  prepare the best Filipino food you could ever imagine. The buffet offers a lot of mouth-watering cuisine, guests keep coming back for more. And yes, there is more than enough food for everybody.

After the lavish dinner, the celebration was officially opened with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. In the spirit of Christmas, Christmas carols were being sang in three different ways:  Bisaya dialect, Tagalog (our national language) and English. Well….it was kinda fun in a sense that we mixed the two dialects in 1 song and inserted some funny words to make it more hilarious. We just could not stop giggling! Typical Pinoy humor.

The president of Bisdak , Flora Schuijt gave the opening remarks. In her speech she thanked everybody for being so supportive all the 24 years of the organizations existence. All those years, a lot of projects, big and small has been materialized. Next year, September 2018, will be Bisdaks’ 25 year Anniversary. She was asking families, friends and everybody for that matter to join us mark this special day. She also hinted the uncertain future of Bisayang Dako Sa Netherlands. A bit of a sad note there to which she added that it’s a wait and see situation.

The performance of the all energetic and beautiful Nitzky Rabino with the Sound Set band was just incredible. She just kept on going and going and every set is dynamic. The dance floor is jampacked with swinging partygoers, dancing and singing at some points. This is the most satisfying moments of the party. DJ Mista Jay did the spinning during the bands’ break and the disco continues.

A rising star in her own right, singer Macy  van Loffeld rendered two lovely songs. Joining singing contests here in Holland and winning prizes, she is slowly but surely making her mark in the singing industry. Very evident is that her voice is becoming refined and more powerful than the last time she performed during the Philippine Independence day last June.

An unexpected surprise came from the corner of the room. Two very good friends Ludwig Axinto and Jef Krijgsman decided to hit the dance floor and showed their dancing prowess.  Ludwig who used to be a member of a dance group did a combination of hiphop, popping and street dance, while Jef did his suave moves. The two were astoundingly good, everybody was amazed. It was oohs and aahs moment, it was a short yet extremely powerful instant show.

The entertainment of the evening never lit up. This is again another festivity to cherish, the moment never to be forgotten. While the question hangs of whether there will be another BISDAK Christmas party next year, the feeling of pure enjoyment and bonding with friends dominates the celebration. It is just appropriate to do so, after all we must be in tuned to our Christmas party tonight.  Let us cross the bridge when we get there… But tonight we partyyyyyyy!!!!

How time flies when you’re having fun! fun! fun!  Although some were ready to go home, some has no plans of stopping at all. Disco music is still playing and some were not giving up. Even when they had their jackets on and ready to hid home, they seemed still glued and allured by the disco music. Phenomenal.

Even good times never last. At long past midnight we have to go our separate ways. Bisdak ladies thanking guests for their presence and wishing them a safe trip back home.  

It was again another Christmas party full of merrymaking and lovely cheers. Another celebration to be remembered. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank all our guests who came from near and far to join us in this jubilation as we celebrate the birth of our Lord. Our lovely entertainer Nitzky Rabino and her band, DJ Mista Jay all the way from Germany and his parents, Macy Loffeld, Ludwig Axinto and Jef Krijgsman;  our sponsors Lhanie and Jerry of Filipijnse-Toko, Jessica and Zaldy Niday of Phil-Neth, Charina Bogagay from Lith; the ladies and gentlemen at the bar; and those who helped, supported and trusted us…..we could not have done it successfully without all of you……Thank you so very much. We appreciate all your efforts. ‘til next time. We love you.
This season of joy, in behalf of the men and women of BISAYANG DAKO SA NETHERLANDS (BISDAK), let me wish each and every one a Very Merry Christmas!!! And may the spirit of Christmas fill your hearts and homes with love, happiness, understanding and peace. And may the New Year be a great year for all of us and the whole world.

See you all during our 2018 BISDAK 25th Anniversary!!!!! God bless us all.

Pictures courtesy of:  Jecay Ligan, Anna Bracamonte, Rosa Cabrillas, Lhanie Buensalida Abad

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