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FILMIS launches Christmas event The Netherlands to support HOPE Charity

By Jacob O. Apostol
The Hague-The Netherlands
November 16, 2017


The Christmas event with a theme “Spirit of Giving” will be held on the 2nd December 2017 at 18:00-23:00, Zaal Transvaal, Colensostraat 2, Den Haag. It’s a disco party open to all people who love to dance with music of the 80’s onward. But if you cannot dance, but you love to meet up with your kababayan for bonding, it’s an opportune time to do it while enjoying Filipino foods and drinks.

Whenever I am asked why education of the youth is so important for our country, my mind   always tends to drift to Dr. Jose Rizal’s famous words “the youth is the fair hope of the motherland”. Like Rizal, I have also reposed my faith in the ability of the Filipino youth to propel our nation to the zenith of progress. But, their ability to do it depends on how much support they receive from us, and how we educate them during their formative years. In short, the key to our hope of changing our society lies in the education of our children.

This is the main reason why FILMIS (Filipino Migrants in Solidarity) has decided to hold a fundraising event on 2nd December 2017 to support the project of HOPE Charity in providing the poor children in Mindanao with school supplies and materials such as books, pencils, paper, bags, notebooks, and among others.

We have observed HOPE Charity since we learned its charitable work a few years ago, and   were amazed by its tireless endeavor to achieve in its mission in a modest way, “We aim to break the inter-generational poverty in the Philippines by keeping children to school with sufficient school supplies, getting proper nutrition to become dignified human beings.”  

Sayril said, “Aside from donating school supplies, I even feed the children nutritional foods to make them healthy if there is enough budget for it.”

As an organization, HOPE Charity is like an infant as compared to other big organizations, but its commitment to help poor children is boundless. We know how hard it tries to do its best to help out the children; we see how it struggles just to get some supports it deserves from our kababayan. “Nobody responded in our book fundraising campaign except two persons, and because of the slow response to our book fundraising we decided to try a fundraising for the school supplies. I thought that the school supplies are cheaper than the book supplies, so in small amount of donation we are able to buy school supplies for the students”. , Sayril lamented. But, despite of all these challenges in her midst, she continues her mission without scruple or rancor on her part. She has never been daunted by reluctant response from some people. But, for FILMIS, we wanted to be instrumental on HOPE’s journey to reach its mission. We say with pride that its commitment is also our mission, too.  This is what FILMIS is all about!  

FILMIS is composed of Filipino migrants in the Netherlands who are voluntarily dedicated to promoting not only the Filipino culture and the human rights, but also the education of the Filipinos. We believe firmly in the power of education, because it can bring changes in the mindset and attitude of our people. Since the inception of FILMIS in 2013, it has embarked on various activities related to the education of our Filipino migrants and kababayan in the Philippines, especially the poor children in the Philippines.

FILMIS wanted to make sure that we set examples for others to embrace the importance of education. If you take a short glance at FILMIS background, you discover that we have had officers and members who graduated from Foundation University (FU) and Ateneo Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship (LSE) Program in the Netherlands. In fact, some of us are members of the LSE Secretariat whose vital task is to carry out the 6-month program of the Ateneo School of Government in the Netherlands (NL). We have also collaborated with a few members of the academic community of the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) on some social issues facing the migrants in the NL.

In June 2016, FILMIS launched a cultural fundraising event to support the project of SEMP (Support Education Mindanao Philippines) for the school children. We were able to raise certain amount used to fund the project providing the beneficiaries with boxes full of school supplies and materials for their studies. Last year, 30th December, in collaboration with Toko 4 All, we donated a big balikbayan box full of toys, school supplies, and clothes to Lutiang Pisara, a project initiated by NEPS Mountaineers for the indigenous Dumagat in Quezon province.   

This time, December 2017, FILMIS would focus on education by supporting the project of HOPE Charity for the children in the Philippines, specifically in Mindanao.  Let’s support HOPE to give hope for the poor children in Mindanao this Christmas season. Let’s help them by joining us to our fund-raising disco event. For sure, your support will go a long way!   

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