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January 17, 2012

      MN Correspondent
An international symposium which focuses on  health and nutrition program dubbed “Health, Wellness and Nutrition Symposium”,  attracted  some 300-400 medical practitioners and clinicians of different nationalities mostly from the various hospitals and health centers in the Kingdom.  The jumped packed live symposium was held at the 9th floor of the Al-Habib Hospital auditorium here recently.
1 Dr Mohsin Shaikh Hassan delivering his introductory speech
2 Master of the ceremonies Miss Gina Abitona introduces the guests VIPs and participants including print and TV representatives
3 Mr Henry Amos introducing the Guest of Honor and Speaker of the Symposium
The overwhelming success of the seminar was  launched and  organized by Symmetry Genesis Arabia business partners spearheaded  Miss Evelyn Lugo with special assistance of Ed Estrada, Ryan Sallidin and Nader Sallidin and staff of Al Zaahra Medical Group of Companies  with the full support and coordination  of the Riyadh Eagles of the Symmetry Genesis Arabia representatives Antonio “Ekart” Gayeta, Susan Marzan, Vic Jarabejo, Alvin Panlilio and this  Munting Nayon International News Magazine correspondent.
The live symposium was attended by Symmetry Corporation , USA -  Executive Field Vice-President and  CEO  for GCC, Madame Josie Medina ,   Robert “Bob” Gaspar, Symmetry Arabia Manager, Dr. Mohsin Shaikh Al-Hassan-Symmetry Arabia Sponsor and Endorser, Zain Abdulqassim Mishal of Zaahra Company, The Riyadh Eagles-Symmetry Genesis Arabia ,  Nader Sallidin, Henry Amos, Dr. Al-Hokair,  doctors and nurses from Sulaiman Habib Hospitals and Clinics, representatives from COMPUTER SOCIETY OF FILIPINOS INTL., INC. (COMSOFIL-Central), Security Forces Hospital (SFH), King Saud University Medical Complex, Riyadh Military Hospital (RKH), King KhalId Hospital (KKH), King Faisal Specialist Hospital (KFSRH),  and the various media representatives from print and Saudi television networks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Crapo  was the main Resource Speaker and Guest of Honor during the  seminar. He  is the Senior Vice-President for Product technology and Training at the Symmetry Corporation, with head Office in Malpitas California, U.S.A. He has had made series of  business and educational  lectures on health and nutrition in some GCC gulf estates and in the Kingdom , as part of the Symmetry Corporation’s educational campaign and business promotional tour  in the Middle East and the GGC Gulf Estates.
Dr Crapo stressing the importance of resveratrol in our health
Dr Mark answering questions from participants
Dr Mark Crapo Guest of Honor and main Resource Speaker at the symposium
Dr. Mark Crapo,  is a well known personality and authority in health and nutrition in the United States, because of his acclaimed   knowledge and  professional expertises  in alternative medicine, nutrition,  sex, sports and acupuncture education. He graduated Cum Laude, Bachelor of Science in Central Michigan University.  He earned a Doctorate Degree in Oriental Medicine.  He is the First Board Certified Acupuncture Physician in the State of Michigan, Member of the Symmetry Corporation’s (T.R.A.C.) Team (Technical Research and Advisory Council) in U.S.A. Listed in Who’s Who of Outstanding Americans and Who’s Who of International Professionals.  He authored college text books and articles on health, healing, herbs and martial arts.
The  event commenced with the brief introductory speech of Dr. Mohsin Shaikh Al-Hassan, one of the prominent  Saudi  prime mover and endorser of Symmetry Corporation products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He spoke  about the relevance and importance of the sysmposium during the seminar.  It was preceded by a Welcome remarks of Miss Gina Abitona, Symmetry Genesis Arabia Senior Marketing Manager who hosted the evening’s  program, and who introduce the important personalities, VIPs, guests, media representatives, sponsors and participants from the various health centers and hospitals in the Kingdom. It was followed by the Introduction of the main Resource Speaker and Guest of Honor by Bro. Henry Amos.
Dr Mark Crapo posing with Nadir Sallidin right Madame Josie Medina left and Henry Amos 2nd from left
Dr Mark with Henry answering questions during question hour
Dr Mohsin Hassan right with Mark Crapo Evelyn Lugo center and Zain Abdulqassim Al-Mishal and Mrs Sallidin and daughter
Dr. Crapo started off his lecture with  a brief basic scientific introduction on the history of medicine from 2000 B.C. up to the present time , which according to him that the current trend comes into a full circle with renewed interest in herbal and plant- based medicine because creating some super drugs with the use of some antibiotics, western medicine does not have vital agents, but there a number in the plant kingdom.  He also noted that many research schools around the world have people in South America, South Africa, Australia, in the bush looking for next sticks or twigs that’s going to lure and cure some diseases.  He also added that 80% of drugs today originally came from sticks and twigs and they were originally processed in the labs and now they are herbs.  There are a lot of  new research findings  and results  that may come-out soon. he added.
He also reported that the nutritional daily food intake of women in U.S. is that 61% of American women regularly eat-out 4 or 5 times a week, which means they eat-out 4 or 5 times a week. In the U.S.,  he said in 1970 $6,000,000,000 spent for past food, and by 2000 it was $110,000,000,000  and today it is estimated between $150,000,000,000 and $175,000,000,000.  According to him that health care projects  could be taken  take care of with that kind of money.
Dr. Crapo discussed  that the sugar consumption of an average American woman intake is 152 pounds a year. As for beggies, according to him that a 4-serving a day is recommended, however, he commented that is not what  nutritional science recommend, it should be 5, 6 or even 7 servings a day. However, the average woman only eat 1 or 2 and the average man eat 1 of 1 or none. Aat any given day only 10% of people will eat green leafy vegetables.
In the course of life expectancy, he said that U.S. is in the 45th in ranking within 2007, it is now on the 50th.  U.S. has most care institution except among industrialised nation on earth, and the government spent  as much as the next nation which is Switzerland.   He said  that U.S. spent  twice as much on health care and had the worst stastistics to show for. UAE is the 77th in the world and Saudi Arabia is on the 109th,  while for Filipinos, the Philippines places on the 125th position.
As per survey info provided by medical practitioners in the Gulf countries, that as much as 85% of
women has diabetes. He said it is quite alarming and an incredibly a large number.
On the nutritional deficiency and supplementation, Dr. Crapo said that there is a great need for food and vitamin supplemtation into our body, for example he said if you don’t eat rice, you  have nutritional deficiency. He said that there 2 basic types of nutritional deficiency such as vitamin and micro deficiency. These are a major diseases.  The combination of a biomed in  an organic substance that you cannot manufacture in your body.  It  must get it into your body bodies somehow or you will die.  He said if you can live without it, it is not a vitamin.  Vitamin C cures scurvy.
Dr Mohsin left with other VIP guests and participants
Dr Mohsin Shaikh Hassan doing live interview with Robert Gaspar of Symmetry Arabia
Medical practioners and Symmetry business partners posing after the sympoium
Most people are going to have micro deficiency, these are quality of life issues, 60 ml. Of Vitamin C is the recommended daily value (dv, also called as daily allowance. For the last 25 years, since the U.S. government on how many intake, it was put to 60 ml.  Vitamin C besides helping prevent scurvy, it  makes connective tissue. He further advice and recommended for ladies who are in attendance, that the best thing to do to be looking beautiful is get Vitamin C.  It helps fights wrinkles, cellulities, secure the connective tissue breakdown and fats starts to come like orange skin.  Vitamin C is very important to your joints and mood. Studies had shown that at least 500 ml  intake of Vitamin C a day to extend your life for 5 ½  years.  He said that getting 500ml is a lot better that getting a 60ml daily.
He also reported that according to scientific journals, that Type 1 is life to infant feeding.  What mothers are eating, while breast feeding can trigger Type 1 diabetes in the baby, or put the baby when they come-up to breast can trigger Type 1 diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes can usually be controlled or even insure a lifestyle.
Dr. Crapo, base on his researches and findings, reported on his doctor’s chartboard the  various major killer diseases that is confronting mankind, more specifically the men and women. For men: heart disease, cancer, stroke, long disease, hiv, diabetes, suicide and homicide.  For women: Heart disease, cancer, stroke, long disease, kidney disease and blood poisoning.
The first 3 diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke are the same in common for men and women, and diabetes happens to be a big contributor on  kidney disease and blood poisoning. The major things that we are looking at,  is that that they are  going to kill us.  You got to pick what you
want.  You choose, by what you stick in your mouth, or you decide what you don’t want to stick into your mouth.  You choose which one of this you want.  And as you can see most people choose heart
disease, that’s No. 1.  He suggested to chose, because of 30% of people with heart disease, the first symptom is you are dead and you die.
In the U.S., 15 million people have diabetes, and of course its a big one.  It is the number one cause of blindness all over the world.  Cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, limb amputation, premature death, and 1/3 of people to have diabetes, don’t know if they have it, they have never been tested yet. And we’ve seen 70% increase in diabetes in people at their 30s.  So, the younger generation is going after diabetes in a big wave and it is expected to see 336% increase in the United States in the next few years, Dr. Crapo reported.
Miss Gina Abitona center with Dr Mark Crapo r and Nader Sallidin of Al Zaahra Medical Company
Mr Zain Abdulqassim Al-Mishal and some of the guests and VIPs at the symposium
Nadir Sallidin left with Zain Abdulqassim Al-Mishal 2nd left Manager of Al-Zaahra Medical Com with Dr Crapo and Dr Hassan right
STROKE.  Stroke is the best common cause of serious long term disability.  People to have stroke end-up needing 24-hour care to look after.  It’s a great strain in the family, either financially, or somebody have to stay and take care of him. Risks factors are stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking and obesity.  We have to save risk factors.  All of these things really have something in common.   In the U.S. it is called “syndrome x”, for metabolic syndrome, it is called “hyper insulinia”.
 All these are related to too many processed carbohydrates in your diet.  No. 1  note of advise, I leave you all advise, buy a wise white, ain’t right.  These white, don’t eat it, no white sugar, white bread,  or pasta, white ain’t right.  Brown is best, whenever you can go after, whole grain, brown is best, it’s got the fibers, and it got your vitamins in it, white ain’t right, except meat.
He also reported the important role of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)towards the handling of Symmetry products in the U.S. He said that FDA approves drugs, but Symmetry is food supplement and is examined and with stamped of approval like drugs. FDA monitors and looks after marketing materials, websites, check packaging and everything is checked. If they don’t like something they take it out from the market. Symmetry is being looked-up a great deal and get the stamped of approval because it is in the globe.  He also reported that Symmetry were able to get TGA Certification from Australia, which according to him is higher than FDA Certification. 
Prominent businessman and Symmetry busienss partners Ed Estradastanding and Henry Amos
Symmetry symposium participant during question hour
Dr. Crapo in between his deliberations presented a brief audio-visual presentations of the various Symmetry manufacturing facilities and products in the U.S. He reported the 170,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facilities in New Jersey. With the span of more than 16 to 17 years there is a need
for more space, and an additional of 100,000 sq.ft. in Orlando, Florida  was added just to manufacture the liquid products, such as “Genesis”. He said that recently it had just completed adding about 3,000 sq.ft to the building and from another 80,000 to 100,000 sq.ft to the floor of the facilities. He added the facility is one of the largest in the United States.  He also showed the HPOC where all Symmetry raw products is being processed  as it comes to the Company and undergoing 28 series of tests before you can get the products.
As to the Symmetry’s water purification system, Dr. Crapo reported that there are 5 different steps undertaken just to insure the cleanliness of the water before manufacturing any of their products.
A live video presentation was shown, showcasing the essential components and the importance and health benefits  of Genesis products into the consumers around the world. Dr. Crapo with his expertise on health and nutrition highly recommend among medical practitioners and introduced that Symmetry Genesis XTranol-24 .  It is a powerful blend of healing herbs and superfoods in an easy-to-use concentrated juice.  He said that it take all the benefits of 22 natural organic ingredients and condenses them down into a single ounce serving.  Drink one ounce of shot of Genesis, and you get the same health benefits as taking dozens of different herbal supplements.
He said that in each ounce of Symmetry Genesis you get the nutritional equivalent of 10 bottles of red wine—plus one full pomegranate! You also get full serving of 14 other natural herbs and superfoods. On top of it, he said that you get 24-hour anti-oxidant protection of Glutathione, a primary anti-oxidant found in Super-Orac Extramel.
Dr. Crapo reported that Symmetry started doing research on resveratrol in 1995. Resveratrol according to him is naturally-existing substance found in the skin of red grapes and  in fruits with darked color skin.
 It is a polyphenol of the class flavonoid, also referred to as an antioxidant. Antioxidants help protect our body from damages that comes from the sun, pollution, smoke, and poor dietary choices. They are found in the phytochemicals of fruits and vegetables, as well as some  vitamins and amino acids. Phytochemicals are founds in the colourful parts of fruits and vegetables.
He added that Resveratrol, based on recent research findings prevents lower incidence of Alzheimer’s diseases; prevents prostate and breast cancer; it also acts an antiproliferative agent for cancer by including apoptosis in cells with damaged DNA and it also protects against fatty liver and other liver diseases according to studies, he added.
Dr. Crapo also cited the French paradox which many scientists have encountered many years ago. He said that the French eat three 3 times more fats than Americans.  Evidently, this irony was based on their (French) daily intake of red wine.  Red wine has been touted for its medical properties.  Today, he said more than 50,000 studies focus on the benefits of resveratrol, found in the skin of red grapes and in red wines, and in  all Symmetry’s Genesis products.
From 1995,  3 years after an intensive research on resveratrol, it was decided that there is a need to manufacture “resveratrol product”.  It took another 3 years to manufacture Genesis together.  Dr.
Crapo said that Genesis is something he had been making for about 6 years and he said it’s been out for decade.  He reported that besides Genesis, there are other Symmetry products that are not only 
he made for consumers but for his patients, family and for the Executive staff something of that nature.  Symmetry is more than 16 to 17 years now, but, many of the products produced and manufactured were between 20 to 30 years old already.  There are things that Dr. Crapo started making long before there was “Symmetry”.  He said that because of the fame of the Company’s good record, he introduced his patients to Symmetry  Corporation founded by now President Rudy Revak, Dr. Crapo pointed-out.
Dr. Crapo before concluding his lecture, he said that “Genesis”is the beginning  of good health, and for “Symmetry” it symbolizes and represents harmony and balance. He imparted the following 10 keys for creating Symmetry and longetivity in life to all the  symposium participants -
Ten 10 keys for creating Symmetry and Longevity in Life:
1. Pray. Studies shows that people who prays on a regular basis 14 years live longer than those that
          does not pray.
2.  Stop putting fire in your mouth. Quit smoking, you will live 5 years longer.
3.  Jog and walk-away and get an exercise program or you live about 9 years longer.
4.  Take 500ml of Vitamin C and you will live 5 1/2 years longer.
5.  Treat your ulcer, you  live about 2  1/2 years.
6.   Keep your cholesterol under 200, you live 4 years longer.
7.  Keep your blood pressure under 90, you live 5 years longer.
8.  Have sex, who cares. People who have regular sexual activities lives 6 years longer
           than  people don’t.
9.  Choose yourself, if you gonna old-away until you  get ninety, you extend your
            life expectancy by 13 percent.
10.  Buy a bigger car.  Study shows that people who drives big cars lives longer. It’s safer  and more
            secure to drive big cars, as smaller cars can easily be run-over by larger cars during accidents.
(All texts and photos were written and photographed by Domingo DH P. Herras ).
SOURCES:  Dr. Mark Bio – http://www.drmarkcrapo.com/biohtm
                    Tape recorded speech of Dr. Mark Crapo-recorded by Domingo DH P. Herras.
                    Symmetry-Genesis Arabia Vision Pamphlet
                    All texts were written by Domingo “Doms” P. Herras
                    All photos were taken and edited by Domingo DH P. Herras
                   Author E-mail address: dpherras@gmail.com/dph2ksucd@hotmail.com
                   Mobile: 0540364396
                  Facebook: Doms Herras
               Mr. Domingo “Doms” P. Herras is presently  works as a Medical/Dental Photographer at the College of Dentistry in the King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is appointed as Head of the Audio-Visual and Photography Center at the College of Dentistry, Malaz University Campus, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
               He is a Freelance Contributing Writer/Photojournalist in the Saudi Gazette and Arab News, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and News Correspondent and Contributing Writer/Photojournalist in the Munting Nayon News Magazine,  the Netherlands, Europe.
               He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Computer Society of Filipinos Intl.,Inc. (COMSOFIL-CENTRAL) Newsletter “INFOBITS” since 2009 to 2011 , and Yearbook “TECHNOCRATS” – 2009-2010.
             He has just been successfully elected as Board of Director of COMSOFIL for 2012, and recently appointed as Assistant Vice-President for Education for 2012. He is a Volunteer Instructor in Basic Digital Photography Cluster Course  in 2009 and 2010 at the COMSOFIL-CENTRAL, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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